This drama is a perceptual youth drama about dangerous and immature \”Pre-Youth\” facing the world. At the age of 18, because small things will be involved in the vortex of emotions, there will be small frictions with anyone. It will truly describe these moments at the age of 18 and resonate with the audience. Yong Shengyou plays the habitually lonely 18-year-old Choi Joon Woo. For Joon Woo who has always been alone, loneliness is everyday. He is not good at expressing his emotions, nor does he work hard to resonate with others, but with a cute and cute reversal charm, Junyu started to change with the opportunity of changing schools. Jin Xiangqi plays Yu Xiubin, a top student born under her mother\’s ambition and extreme pressure. She is an 18-year-old girl who has no clear dreams and goals under the perfect management of her mother. Xiu Bin’s real dream is to live independently. After she met Junyu, her life began to change slightly. . Shin Seung-ho plays Ma Huiying, a character who looks perfect on the outside but has a shadow in his heart. He has an outstanding appearance and a gentle personality, and he is a character everyone trusts. Under his perfect appearance, he actually has an inferiority complex hidden. He looks very strong. He is actually very timid. The 18-year-old Ma Huiying started to collapse because of the appearance of the powerful transfer student Che Junyu. Directed by Shin Nayeon and written by Yin Jingya, the associate screenwriter of \”Blood\”.