The play is a suspenseful romantic drama that revolves around the hidden secrets of the chaebol family and the owner\’s risk management. It tells the story of the chaebol heir who lost his mother because of a murder 15 years ago and a third-rate lawyer looking for the truth after they met. It is worth mentioning that this drama is the first TV drama to truly describe the owner\’s risk management TOP team. Lin Xiuxiang plays Mo Suo-hee, the only daughter of MC Group. She has both intellectual and financial resources. Although she is a plutocracy girl who looks like no one else, she is actually a figure who is trying to find out that her mother died 15 years ago. Li Zhangyu plays Xu Yundao. He is a tougher figure than weeds. Although he has nothing but love, he is a lonely third-rate lawyer. He has no personal background, even a decent firm. He solves all the troubles of the residents of the community in a small room, and is miraculously poached by the TOP team of the MC Group to become a group lawyer, where he meets Mo Shuo. Hee. Bae Zongyu plays the Han Empire, the \”leader\” of the TOP group that closely manages the \”owner risk\” of the MC group, the first in the financial world. As a consultant lawyer of the MC Group, he is not only known for his loyalty and love, but also an omnipotent \”secret real power figure\” who understands all secrets. He is also a \”ace man\”. When the boss\’s family has an accident, he will be active in all directions. To minimize the risk.