This TV drama \”Legal V\”, which focuses on the notorious heroine, Yusho Kotori, is a new type of legal TV drama. Xiangzi, who had lost his qualifications as a lawyer, lobbied the university professors who dealt with legal documents to open a law firm, and even dug up lawyers and paralegals with stories, just like the devilish Xiangzi who sent them arbitrarily. No matter how unfavorable the lawsuits, she will do her best to win. However, Xiangzi faced a large law firm. When involved in many civil lawsuits, can the weak lawyer group led by Xiangzi win? Xiangzi, who successively said \”I want to open a long queue of law firms\”, \”You don\’t need qualifications to save people,\” and so on, why did Xiangzi lose her qualifications as a lawyer? \”Legal V~Former Lawyer·Xiaotoi Yu Shoko~\” will be broadcast on TV Asahi every Thursday at 9 o\’clock in the evening.