This drama is a \”new sense\” criminal investigation drama using Japan\’s latest high-tech \”Skynet\” to conduct investigations. In modern society, \”information\” is both a weapon and a tool to protect oneself. In response to the weapon of \”information\”, the Metropolitan Police Department has set up an \”IR Analysis Room\”. Thousands of surveillance cameras and GPS tracking devices are used throughout Tokyo. This is the most effective way to track and monitor suspects for search. Cutting-edge high-tech sector. But in fact, it was different from the original purpose of the establishment. The one who broke this situation was Kazuki Sawamura\’s protagonist-Kotaro Fukamachi. As the ace detective of the original investigation class, Kotaro Fukamachi was appointed to be the chief criminal (CHIEF) of the IR analysis room. Together with his subordinate Noriko Izumimoto (Ayumi Ito), he used the latest high-tech digital technologies such as voice and location to analyze and search. In the two seemingly unrelated incidents of the fugitive shooting suspect and the old transnational murder case five years ago, one shocking truth is solved.