In the first season, Li Junji (played by Li Yigeng), who invited college classmates, extended his magic hand to high school classmates this time. The words and deeds of the young people in Waikiki, who are still unable to get rid of the crisis of bankruptcy, will have a great effect and arouse concern. The first victim seduced by Lee Jun-ki was Cha Woo-sik (played by Kim Sun-ho). Woo-sik was a volunteer singer who had been an “unknown idol” and was a unique “difficult man” in the world. He was hit by Jun-ki’s plan. All assets are invested in Waikiki. In the first season, every episode is a funny maker Li Yigeng will continue to be the center of laughter in the second season. Although Li Junji (played by Li Yigeng) once saw the light, he became a livelihood actor again. In order to rebuild Waikiki, he pulled the people around him into the water, and there was no calm day. Another victim, Guo Qifeng, who was deceived by Jun Ki\’s rhetoric, is played by Shen Yusoo. He was once a highly sought after baseball genius, but now he can only move around in the second-tier team. Qifeng has fallen into a trough in his life because of his investment in Waikiki. Wen Jiayeon The first love \”Goddess of the Cave\” Han Soo-yeon who played the first love of the young people in Waikiki for years, Suyeon and Jun-ki, who suffered a sudden humiliation on the wedding day, reunite, and live in Waikiki like fate. An So-hee plays Kim Jong-un. She and Jun-ki both graduated from the drama and film department. They are a “worker king” who works all over the world to make a living. They are unpretentious and unpretentious. Jin Ruiyuan plays Cha Yu-ri, the sister of Cha Woo-sik. She dreams of becoming the \”second Bai Jong-won\”. Not only Woo-sik, but also Jun-ki and Qifeng are sent and ordered by her. She is the highest caller in Waikiki. .