Mikoto Misumi (played by Rimi Ishihara) is a female forensic doctor who works in the private forensic organization \”UDI\”, which specializes in receiving the remains of people who died due to abnormal causes and dissecting them to find the truth of the case. Working with Mikoto, there are also the forensic medicine Nakado department (played by Iura Shin), the recorder Kubu Rokuro (played by Masataka Kubuda), and the inspection technician Tokai Lin Yuko (played by Ichikawa Minoritsu). Although the Nakata department has a wealth of clinical experience, the personality is eccentric. There are often irreconcilable contradictions between Mikoto and Nakata, who have different understandings of justice and law. In fact, Zhongtang has a secret that no one knows. His girlfriend unfortunately lost her life in an \”accident\”, but various clues revealed to Zhongtang that it was a serial murderer who took his girlfriend\’s life. Nakatang stayed at UDI without fear of words, just to find the murderer of his girlfriend.