It is reported that Cao Jung-seok will star in Shin Yuan-ho\’s new work \”The Witty Doctor\’s Life\” (tentative title). The play is the new work of PD Shen Yuanhao, who directed the \”Answer\” series and \”Witty Prison Life\”. It will be written by the writer #李佑汀#, a long-term collaborator with Shen PD. The play is set in a hospital and will tell about doctors, nurses, and patients. In our lives, Cao Zhengshi will play a doctor. After the news spread that the play had planned to shoot for three seasons from the planning stage, it caused heated discussions. The core character leading the plot will not change. Until the third season, it is a long-term cooperation TV series. Therefore, PD Shen Yuanhao is not discovering stars or casting extraordinarily, but cooperating with the trusted rating guarantee Cao Zhengshi