The main character, Takao Matsumoto, is abandoned by his lover, Makiko, who has been dating for three years because of his wasteful habit. When I try to save money to recover Makiko while resisting that \”saving and saving are not rocks\”, I hear a comfortable tone somewhere. That\’s the sound of money in a piggy bank in your heart! ? Realizing that savings and locks have something in common, Takao tried various savings. However, at that time, Makiko\’s refreshing-looking twink, the shadow of Inaba creeps up. Furthermore, in the workplace, unique characters such as Ikaike\’s admirable CM creator who admires Takao and junior junior who does not fear fear are at the mercy of Takao-The fate of Takao swaying between \”saving\” and \”rock\”… ! ? Full of great deals! ? Birth of an unconventional comedy drama!