Actor Rena Takeda will star in \”The Game of Man-Wolf Lost in Eden\” which will be aired by Kanto Regional TVK in January. This is the seventh live-action version of the popular novel \”Man Wolf Game\” and the first TV drama. In the play, 10 high school students each pretend to be \”wolves\” and \”villagers\” in an intellectual contest, and finally one person is voted to die in each round by voting. With regard to starring in such a popular work as an actress, Rena Takeda said: \”It is a challenge for me. I want everyone to see a new side of me, I will work hard.\” At the same time, with this drama The film version of \”Wolf Game Hell\” produced by the linkage is directed by Miyabe Aya, and has gathered Rena Takeda and other casts. The movie will be released on April 7 next year.