\”Absolute Zero 2018\” starring Kazuki Sawamura is Fujidai’s first work to regain double-digit ratings a year after \”cb3\”. It is also the beginning of the resurrection on September 9 and will be released in 2019. The New York Film Festival won the Bronze Award in the TV drama department, a win-win for both word-of-mouth and ratings. At the beginning of \”Absolute Zero Crime Prevention Weiran 2\”, Norito Izawa played by Kazuki Sawamura was tasked with the task of \”practicalizing the Weiran crime search system.\” Analyze the uploaded images. The story of this season will start with the emergency scene released by the official residence. The maximum level of warning explosives has been set up in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kasumigaseki and other places, and the timing will be pulled back a few months ago. Odagiri, played by Honda Tsubasa, was involved in the search. Entering the room where the explosives were searched, it was found that Izawa, played by Kazuki Sawamura, was holding a gun in tears, and in front of him was a woman who was shot.