Hibino Nagisa (17), a second-year high school student who lives alone in a sea-view town in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, apart from her parents. Nagisa likes surfing, and while working part-time as a bath at an inn in Enoshima, he loves Yusaku Kumakiri, who runs a surf shop at home, and spends days frequently coming and going. One day, I met Shun Igawa (17) who came to visit my father who was working alone from Nagoya during spring break. By enjoying the surfing together and spending precious time in youth, the friendship between the two gradually deepened. Meanwhile, Chikuma (18), the only daughter of the Kumagiri family, begins to fall in love with Nagisa, one year younger. Chika wonders whether to confess. A faint love story of a high school student. At first, I thought that I was only a friend, Nagisa, but in Xun, a different feeling from friendship begins to emerge. It was not just Xun but Nagisa… The two people eventually realize that \”friendship\” is \”love.\” Anxiety and embarrassment about self-confidence when we noticed \”homosexuality\”. And conflict. Chika is confused and eventually becomes two good understanders. A youth drama that gives a refreshing and pleasant impression begins.