Once famous in southern Hunan, it was known as the strongest gangster ghost blast duo in history, but now it\’s settled with age. The love affair with his lover Xiaozhu has entered a stable period, and Danma Ryuuji (played by Shirota Yu) runs a coffee restaurant and spends his days leisurely. Good partner Hideki Onizuka (AKIRA) travels around, and after experiencing some mixed events, he was admitted by the chairman of Meixiu Academy, Ryoko Sakurai (played by Kuroki Hitomi), and became a \”honorable\” Teachers, and the class he is in charge of is the 2nd year 4 class that is the most troublesome for the whole school. There are a group of super problem students gathered here: the national mock examination specialist Yoshito Kikuchi (played by Takada Sho), one of the five talented young people with an IQ of more than 200 in the world, Kanzaki Remi (played by Honda Tsubasa), and the favorite of the chief acceptance officer Grandson and Yuu Hisui, a cowardly boy who was bullied and attempted to commit suicide, and Masa Aizawa (played by Haruna Kawaguchi) who was behind the scenes of intensively confronting teachers. Of course, there are also the likes who continue to make Uchiyamada directors (played by Ryunari Tayama) for Onizuka. What impact should the maverick Onizuka bring to this pedantic and desperate education system? This film is adapted from the original manga of the same name by Toru Fujisawa.