Kazuki Sawamura starred in the fall series \”Universal Advertising Agency ~ Selling Your Life!\” ~ \”This is the first time that Sawamura starred in a TV TOKYO TV series, allowing him to dominate the leading role of the five major TV stations in Tokyo. The story is adapted from \”Hana no Sakura Street\” in the popular series \”Universal Advertising Company\” by Naoki-sho writer Hiroshi Ogihara. The story tells the story of Sugiyama (Sawamura), a popular writer in a leading advertising agency, to the weak \”Universal Advertising Company\” in Minato Town. Struggling hard in the deserted shopping street. Sawamura stated that he has made sufficient preparations to express Okada\’s worldview. The original work is full of human touch, coupled with Okada\’s adjustments, which made him look forward to it. He hopes to create a series with the staff and other actors that only East TV can produce and give it to the audience. During the 20 years of acting in Japanese TV dramas, I met many different people behind the scenes. This time I got the support of Okada and others and even the audience, but I have no real feelings about dominating the five major TV stations.