This drama is set on the car carrier \”Ampitrite\” while navigating, with Masuzu Sakamoto (Marie Iitoyo) working as a fledgling third officer and Tsubame Ishikawa (Reina Takeda) also working as a fledgling third engineer. , A sea comedy that aims to be a full-fledged sailor while confronting all kinds of troubles such as severe conflicts with bosses, unreasonable transfers, bad weather and encounters with pirate ships, aiming to become a full-fledged sailor. As for male casts, he takes the Ampitrite as a chief officer, and teaches Masuzu and other junior officers in strict contact with \”Oni no Chosser (=First Officer)\” as Takuya Kanzaki (Kanzakita) and Hiraoka. Yuta decides and is a new engineer, and Akito Miyazaki plays the role of Hikaru Kisaragi, a junior of a profound dog-type glasses man who secretly loves Shinzou about \”Senior Sakamoto\”, and Shin Masaki. Suzu is a senior of a mood maker who is close to the age and proclaims \”muscle is my costume\”, a muscle-training second officer, Shusaku Harumi (Harumi Shusaku), this time the theme song \”Flame / Tenka Takeshi\” Mizuno Masaru of BOYS AND MEN singing \”is decided.