The Korean drama \”To Memories\” is a remake in Japan, directed by Park Chang Hong, who is known for \”Satan,\” \”Resurrection,\” \”Shark,\” and screenwriter Kim Ji Woo. Was found to be starring. Nakai plays the role of a talented attorney in his fifties who was proclaimed juvenile Alzheimer-type dementia. This work was created in 2016 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Korean TV channel “tvN”. Veteran actor Lee Sung Min starred, and the popular idol group \”2PM\” Juno made a debut for the first time in the drama. It is a magnificent human anthem that depicts a vigilant lawyer whose memory is lost due to youthful Alzheimer\’s, fighting to protect his dignity until the end, and confirming his bond with his family and “really important things”. In the remake version, Nakai will be the lead hero, Hidehisa Honjo. \”I\’m remake of Korean drama, but I would like to work on it with the intention of making a new Japanese drama,\” enthusiasm. I called. The director is Makoto Hirano from the drama \”HERO\” and \”5 to 9 A priest who fell in love with me\”, and the script is written by Marie Kamimori of \”Love Song\”. The original version of Park Chang-Hong is participating as general director, and expectations for collaboration with Japanese and Korean staff will increase. The serial drama \”Memory\” started broadcasting from \”Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium\” and \”J:COM Premier Channel\” in March 2018 (12 episodes). Details are posted on the official website (