The protagonist Natsumi Sawaguchi (Haruna Kawaguchi) is a dream-seeking female college student. Her father who lives in Shonan runs a surfing shop, but she doesn\’t like the sea. She wants to go to Italy, but she met there when she graduated from high school and went to Hawaii. I went to Takuma, and my heart beat because I was in agreement with him. When her father was ill when she was in college, in order to refresh her father\’s spirit, she decided to make the world\’s most delicious muffins for him who often made muffins. Although her muffins were not good, her father said they were delicious. After her father passed away, she met Tama again because of something, and went to Hawaii together. Tama took her to a favorite store where she ate the same muffins as her father made, which made her feel the taste of happiness. I want the Japanese to eat it too. Then she heard the news that the store was closing, determined to inherit the store, and found the first dream in life, struggling for the \”white and yellow\” muffins on a hard road.