The play tells the story of the rookie judge who dreams of fighting the power and protecting the weak through the courts, the junior elite judges who adhere to the principles, and the realistic judges. These three judges are composed of judges who are close to reality. Court TV series. Koyara plays the role of Justice and Rookie Judge Park Qiao Rin. Park Qiao Rin is the first judge from the Republic of Korea. She is a justice role who wants to help the frail elderly, women, the disabled, the poor and other weak people in dealing with grievances. Kim Myung-soo plays the role of \”Lin Baron\”, a judge of elementary elite principle. Although they are among the elites, they are not interested in promotion and are indifferent to everything. They only act on principles and think that judging by personal compassion and goodwill is an abuse of power. Sung Dong-yi plays the realist judge Han Shijie. Yoo Deok-hwan plays the role of Zheng Baowang in the play. He is a judge of the Central Court of Seoul, the Supreme Intelligence Agency and a good friend of Lim Baron.