Nakatani Miki plays the protagonist Mayumi Sato, a housewife who has been married for thirteen years. Her daughter successfully finished her middle school exams, and her childcare life came to an end. Due to the pressure of tuition fees, she decided to restart work after more than ten years. Tamaki Hiroshi plays Mayumi’s husband, Sato Hideaki, an office worker at a real estate company. When Mayumi is struggling for his family, he falls in a bad mood and falls in love with a married woman, and falls into an impermissible love. The eggplant Tataro who grasps the key to the story is played by Yusuke Nakayama. He is a middle school teacher and has a beautiful wife, but he mentally abuses her. He is also a dispute maker outside. He meets Mayumi and Hideaki separately for different purposes. The wife, eggplant, Tian Ayako is played by Kimura Tae. She lives with her husband, son, and in-laws. She is a perfect housewife who devotes herself to the family but is attracted by him after meeting Shu Ming.