Li Dongxu plays Yi Zhenyu, a specialist in the emergency medical center of Sangkook University Hospital, who is a doctor who pays attention to medical ethics. Cho Seung-woo plays Gu Seung-hyo, the general president of Sangkook University Hospital. He is a cruel figure who thinks data is above all else. Yuan Zhener plays Li Wanxia, ​​the head of pediatrics. Liu Zaiming plays Zhou Jingwen, director of the Thoracic Surgery Center of Sangkook University. He has self-confidence in thoracic surgery and has a sense of mission as a doctor. He is opposed to the newly appointed general president of Sangkook University Hospital, Gu Seung-hyo, and so on. Moon Suli plays the role of Wu Shihua, director of the Neurosurgery Center of Sangkook University. She is a golden key trained by her doctor’s parents. She is proud of her profession and ability, and she is full of ambitions to become the industry’s No. )’S younger brother, Ye Sun Woo, is a plastic surgeon who works in the Evaluation Hospital of the Health Insurance Review Committee. When he was a child, his father died in a car accident and his leg was disabled. Qian Huzhen plays Li Baoxun, the dean and psychiatrist of Xiangguo University Hospital. The drama is co-produced by the screenwriter Lee Soo-yeon who has written \”The Secret Forest\” + the director of \”Well-known\” and \”Dear My Friends\”. It is a medical drama about the struggle for power and human desire in the hospital. It is expected to be broadcast on July 23 .