Let\’s go together-with irreplaceable friends, to meet the beautiful scenery. Aoi, who loves indoor activities and has a fear of heights, reunited with her childhood friend Hyuga when she entered high school. Although she was exhausted under the leadership of Hyuga, she also accumulated experience in mountaineering and outdoor activities. Aoi also gradually enjoys climbing. After that, their season changed from summer to autumn——. Together with the friends who have increased with the opportunity of climbing, Aoi tried hard to think about which mountain to climb next. Seeing Aoi, who is exercising his strength with the goal of reaching the summit of Mount Fuji, and starting to actively challenge new outdoor activities, Hyuga gradually feels relieved…. Laughing, crying, climbing…\”Going to the Mountains\” depicting the climbing girls of middle school students who enjoy the joy of climbing. The long-awaited \”Third Season\” has finally begun!