Directed by director Kumanji and Takashi Iwabuchi, \”Tonight at the U-shaped Winery\”, released in 2020, is by Yuri Nakamura, Asaka Hōdai, Xiaoyuan Ryo, Fujii Takemi, Kitakana, Takezai Teru Japanese and Korean dramas starring Nosuke, Keiryo Horibe, Astro Shimojo and others. The Japanese and Korean drama \”Tonight in the U-shaped Winery\” was released in Japan. Diamond Cinema has collected resources such as watch now on the U-shaped winery pc web terminal tonight, mobile mp4 online viewing, Baidu cloud resources, Thunder HD downloads and other resources. Diamond Cinema provides you with \”Tonight in the U-shaped Winery\” for the first time. If you like it, please share it with your friends. We will do better with your support. I wish you a happy watching! Adapted from the comics of Kato Jonpu and Shigeru Tsuchyama, a unique gourmet romance drama set on the stage of a tavern with a U-shaped bar, and tells various stories through interaction between customers and the old staff. The staff of the advertising agency \”Shuee project\”・Yoshioka Tori (Asaka Hiroshima), busy commuting between company and home every day, living a black and white life, meets the long-awaited Keiko-senpai (Yuri Nakamura) in an unexpected situation. She is studying at university Sister recommended and quietly opened the door of the pub. Although a little confused at first, as the soup was eaten, I was moved by the dishes, and in the gradual harmony with the owner and guests, I was indulged in the charm of the コ type. It is a vast paradise that has never been experienced.