The play tells the most heartwarming parting story in the world. Describes the mother ghost (female protagonist) in order to become the real reincarnation plan of human beings in 49 days, and the mother ghost and god experienced the pain of life and death and started a new life husband (male protagonist), and return to the two children (children) ) The story of God and the people left in the world. Kim Tae-hee will play Cha Yoo-ri in the play. She has a optimistic, easy-going and enthusiastic personality. She focuses on glass crafts and runs a small workshop. After marriage, she did not give up work during confinement. On the day of his death, he ran into a traffic accident on the way to work. Written by the screenwriter Kwon Hye-joo of \”Go Back Couple\”, it is expected to be broadcast on \”Crash Landing of Love\”.