Lost student Yuta Ohno (played by Ichitaro) came to Tokyo to repeat his studies in order to follow his beloved girlfriend, preparing to be admitted to the Sixth Education University of the same university as his girlfriend. He found a shared apartment named \”Nutopia\” in an intelligence magazine. So Yuta started his dreamlike \”cohabitation life\” with five beauties. These five co-tenants are all beautiful and sexy beauties, and the simple and simple Yuta was not used to it at first. Not only that, but he was often attacked and teased by beauties, and was even accused by a beautiful widow nearby as a thief who stole underwear. In the risk of being misunderstood by his girlfriend, the gentle and caring Yuta still communicated with these five beauties attentively. Gradually, Yuta finally settled down with everyone. Everyone will never forget this \”cohabitation life\” with tears and laughter, this period of the sunniest days of youth.