Shin Sung-lok plays the role of Oh Tae Suk, a representative of an IT company who has excellent management skills but made the wrong choice; Bong Tae-gyu plays Kim Hak-bum, the second generation of irritable chaebol who will run away in an instant; Park Ki-wung plays the appearance and mind of Kim Tsang, the head of the group Kang In-ho; Yoon Joong-hoon Plays the role of medical chaebol 2nd Gao Junxi. The play revolves around the suspicious corpse and four murder suspects that appeared on the road. It tells the TV show \”Return\” host and lawyer Cui Zihui (played by Gao Hyunjeong), and the policeman Duguying (played by Li Jinyu), who was born as a bad boy, jointly pursue the investigation. The crime suspense film about the truth will be broadcast on January 17th in the succession of \”Let\’s Take Risks\”.