Experts point out that drinking lemon water is good for whitening, weight loss, and cancer? Did you fall for it?

Experts point out that drinking lemon water is good for whitening, weight loss, and cancer? Did you fall for it?

With the arrival of summer, many people are out of activities, but suntan is not a minority. All kinds of whitening methods take turns to play by the public pursuit of beauty. Experts from dermatology point out that some hot whitening methods may not be practical, such as lemon water whitening is unreliable, and drinking too much may produce some side effects. The key to whitening should be to do an excellent job of daily sun protection and repair work and daily intake of vegetables and fruit rich in vitamin C.
Lemons are good fruit, sweet and sour, delicious, and attractive taste buds; When it comes to lemons, the words are always “whitening and detoxifying”. Because of this, there are many opinions about lemons on the market. Some people say that drinking lemon water can whiten. Is this method reliable?

Can drinking lemonade whiten your skin?
First, let’s explain the nutrients of lemons. Lemon contains a large number of fruit acids. The most important is citric acid, the proportion of up to 5% so that most lemons will have an acid taste. Lemon water can whiten, mainly from the vitamin C contained in it, because vitamin C has good antioxidants. In addition, it can reduce the precipitation of melanin, so there is a particular whitening effect.
However, some experts point out that simply drinking lemonade to whiten your skin is not practical. The reason is that lemons don’t have much vitamin C, at 22 milligrams per 100 grams. In other words, you might have to eat six lemons a day to get some whitening effect.

Will lemonade turn black during the day?
It will turn black if eaten usually.
Lemon peel contains a coumarin material, which is more sensitive to light. Sunshine during the day is full after it enters the skin internally, absorbs ultraviolet rays, makes its chemical, and may produces melanin, making the skin appear darker. Still, usually, we drink lemon water, often only a few pieces, and to achieve a photosensitive reaction, You need 600 grams of lemon rind, so eating it during the day won’t make your skin dark.

Too many lemons can be rotten for you!
Moderate consumption of lemon water can freshen the taste, regulate appetite, and supplement trace vitamin C; excess will produce side effects. The daily requirement of vitamin C for the human body is 200mg. In clinical practice, some patients have skin yellowing due to excessive drinking of lemon water. Lemon contains an intracarotid. Drinking too much lemon water leads to intracarotid hyper-six, which is usually clinically manifested as yellow skin without obvious allergic symptoms.
In addition to yellowing skin, drinking large amounts of lemon water over a long period may also cause the skin to turn dark. The expert stated that lemon contains photosensitive material, which the human body quickly absorbs through oral use. When our skin exposes to the sunlight, these photosensitive materials and sunlight interact. Not only can it not play a whitening effect, but easy to make the skin darker and even cause the skin to become sensitive.
In addition, drinking too much lemonade has an impact on your teeth. Lemons contain too much acid. If you ignore gargle and clean your mouth in time, acid remains on your teeth, softening them and making them vulnerable to corrosion. Intake of too much acid will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and severe cases can cause stomach ulcers. Excessive intake of Vitamin C may cause hyperuricosuria and hyperoxaluria. A long-term excessive intake may induce kidney stones or urethral stones.

If you want to whiten, you should do this:
1 Filling water
If the skin is dry, it is easy to be scratched by ultraviolet rays, harming the metabolism and making the skin look dull. It is recommended to hydrate more and drink enough water to keep the body hydrated and hydrated.
2 Apply sunscreen
The basis of whitening is to prevent basking in, and sunscreen can resist certain ultraviolet rays, so no matter whether it is raining or sunny at ordinary times, indoors or outdoors, the proposal should daub suits oneself to prevent basking in.
3 Develop a regular schedule
Lack of sleep will make the body tired, resulting in slow blood circulation, so that the skin is damaged, and the regeneration time of cells is between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. if you stay up for a long time, it will make melanin increase, resulting in dark skin.
4 Release pressure in time
Pressure will affect the autonomic nervous system, leading to abnormal hormone secretion, which will increase the melanin in the body. If the average pressure is relatively high, resulting in dark skin. We recommend relieving the stress in time so as not to affect the skin.
Share six popular whitening essences to brighten and whiten your skin.

Share six popular whitening essences to brighten and whiten your skin.

Many girls want to let themselves become more and more white. Using whitening essence is the most direct and effective way for many girls to whiten. As we can do it at home, thus the cost is relatively lower.
The essence is the most nutritious skin care product in all skin care products. A drop of essence contains far more nutrients than ordinary milk. Because the molecular weight of the elite fluid is very small, the nutrition component inside it is absorbed easily by the skin. At the same time, these components can still develop and give outstanding skin protection.

There are many whitening ingredients in essence, among which nicotinamide, vitamin C, arbutin, and so on are more popular whitening ingredients. Let’s take a look! Here we share six hot whitening essences that brighten and tighten your skin and are worth trying.
1 CLARINS Bringt Plus
Key Ingredients: Ascorbyl Glucoside, Rose-myrtle
Skin Type: All skin type
Reviving a dull complexion and revealing brighter, radiant skin through its unique ingredients: rose-myrtle and acerola seeds. This formula has proven that provide oxygenating power to boost cellular respiration. Thus, to solve the problem of dull complexion from the root. The serum is a lotion texture, but it is still easily absorbed by oily skin.
2 The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2%+HA
Key Ingredients: Alpha Arbutin
Skin Type: Normal, combination and oily skin type
Alpha Arbutin is a well-known skin brightener. It reduces the appearance of age spots and can help improve skin tone. The texture of this serum is a little bit sticky, but then quickly absorbed by our skin while applied to our face. The whitening effect is particularly evident, especially using it with The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 1%.
3 Clinique even better clinical radical dark spot corrector + Interrupter
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside), Salicylic Acid, Glucosamine
Skin Type: Normal, combination, oily and dry skin type
Visibly improve discoloration in 12 weeks (according to the brand), such as acne spots and scars. Not only does it correct dark spots, but it also prevents the appearance of dark spots in the future by its key ingredient: CL302. The serum texture may be thick for the person who is oily skin type. Oily skin type users can use it as the last step of their skincare routine.
4 Sk2 Genoptics Aura Essence
Key Ingredients: Pitera,  Niacinamide
Skin Type: Normal, oily, and dry skin type
The whitening effect is the most noticeable that I have ever seen. The essence visibly improves dullness and reduces spots. It also helps prevent the appearance of dark spots through its unique brightening formula. Simultaneously, its key ingredient: PITERA, which is a bio-ingredient rich in vitamins, organic acids, minerals, and amino acids that work together to enhance skin cell renewal. The serum is a lotion texture. But it is easily absorbed by every skin type.
5 Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense
Key Ingredients: 3% tranexamic acid, 1% kojic acid, 5% niacinamide, and 5% HEPES
Skin Type: Normal, combination, oily and dry skin type
I can see a significant improvement in reducing dark spots after I used it. Through its unique whitening formula, the all-around solution to the problem of melanin. The serum is a liquid texture. So it is suitable for every skin type.
Tip: Make sure your face and hands are dry while using.
6 Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
Key Ingredients: Peony Extract, White Birch Extract, Activated C
Skin Type: Normal, combination, oily and dry skin type
This essence is designed to boost radiance and improve skin clarity. Formulated with Peony Extract, White Birch Extract,  and Activated C, this combination helps visibly brighten skin and diminishes the number and intensity of dark spots and skin discolorations over time.
Use beautiful white essence correctly to be able to make our skin more and more fair-skinned and bright indeed. Still, the premise is to want to do bask in the job’s ability to go well in the daytime. Otherwise, using expensive, beautiful white essence does not have what effect.
At the same time, but also adhere to, after all, whitening is not a matter of a day, adhere to the use of can let our skin look fairer and fairer.