Five ways to take care of your hair, if you do all of them, your hair will generally not be less, and your hair will be better.

Five ways to take care of your hair, if you do all of them, your hair will generally not be less, and your hair will be better.

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your hair on your pillow, bed, sink, or comb, just where it should be – on your head. Many girls have some wig pieces on hand, intending to allow themselves to save their hair volume and hairline.
If you also have these troubles, you can look at the following, the small squid summed up the five small hair care methods. All do, hair volume is generally not less, and hair quality will also improve.
Method one: Insist on using conditioner. Hair will become softer and softer.
Most of the long-haired cuties have the situation of not being able to comb their hair. This is especially true for dry hair and for cuties who are often permed and dyed. After washing your hair or waking up in the morning, it is easy to have hair that cannot be combed. If you can’t comb your hair, it will easily cause hair breakage, split ends, and hair loss.
The conditioner works by quickly penetrating, repairing damaged hair phosphate, smoothing frizz, hydrating and moisturizing, and can directly affect our hair by smoothing it. By using conditioner after washing your hair, your hair will become smoother and smoother. Only by ensuring that hair is less prone to hair loss and hair fall will hair volume not become less and less, and hair quality will gradually improve.
Method 2: Hair fall is severe, and shampoo is one of the causes
There are countless brands and types of shampoos out there. There are just too many. It is easy to buy a shampoo unsuitable for your hair type without looking carefully at its effectiveness and type. So, when choosing a shampoo, choosing one based on your hair type is essential.
If your hair is dry, choose one that improves frizziness; if your hair is oily, choose one that eliminates oil; if your hair is damaged by perm or dye, choose one that nourishes and repairs. If you choose the right shampoo, the first step in hair care is complete.
Method 3: Before washing your hair, comb it out thoroughly
A lot of cute little people, washing hair is directly wet, and then squeeze some shampoo, and then directly open wash. After washing, there are handfuls of hair on the floor.
During the washing process, we use our hands to smooth our hair. The hot water opens up all the pores on our scalp, and we use our hands to comb our hair, which can easily fall out. By doing this often, the hair volume will get smaller and smaller. So, before you wash your hair, remember to comb it out with a comb! This is because we don’t comb out our hair after washing.
Method 4: Blow dryer to seventy percent dry. Hair is not easy to break.
After washing our hair, we all use the hair dryer to blow dry the hair habit. However, the long-term use of a hair dryer hair will make our hair moisture less and less, and high temperatures will make the hair scales damaged. Significantly, the hot, dyed, and pulled ladies have more fragile hair, and the hair dryer’s high temperature will worsen our hair quality.
Suppose you are not in a hurry to sleep after washing your hair. Tiny squid suggests that when using blowing hair, hair dryer to medium temperature, then blow dry the scalp, blow the end part of the hair to about 70% dry, and let it dry naturally. You can, and your hair is less likely to become frizzy, dry, and split ends. This is not recommended if, for example, you are going to bed soon.
Method 5: Eat foods such as black sesame, which are suitable for your hair
Hair is blood. If external stimuli do not damage a person’s hair, or if all the above 4 points are achieved, and the hair volume is still low, it is usually a blood deficiency.
If this is the reason, we can eat some black sesame seeds and red dates, which help replenish blood and hair.
If you do all of them, your hair volume will not be low, and your hair quality will improve. Have you all done it?
6 Hair-damaging Behaviors in dailylife – Are you Doing them all?

6 Hair-damaging Behaviors in dailylife – Are you Doing them all?

Hair does not belong to our body organs, nor does it belong to an organization of the body, but it also occupies or indispensable position. It can increase our overall beauty. At the same time, it also has a function to help us reduce the number of collisions.
A healthy adult has about 100,000 hair. Hair loss will be maintained at 70-100 per day, usually no more than 100. Daily, the scalp can also be kept clean for a long time without dandruff, refreshing and not itching, relaxed and not tight. If there is a sudden appearance of dandruff, hair oil, hair loss, and other symptoms, your daily habits and habits likely cause damage to the hair virtually. Quickly see these behaviors below you have!
1. Vigorously dry your hair after shampooing
Hair that has just been washed is more elastic than dry hair and is more likely to break. If you rub your hair vigorously with a towel at this time, it will only make your hair dry and split, leading to hair loss. Instead, should wrap the hair with a dry towel; at this time, rise, press gently, and make the moisture on its absorb hair automatically.
2. Style your hair when it’s wet
Although it is easier to style your hair when wet, it will cause more damage than when it is dry. You can style your hair when it is 70 to 80 percent dry.

3. Spray perfume on your hair
Although perfume is sprayed on the hair, the atmosphere can add glamour feels, but the alcohol component contained in the aroma, once volatilized, can take away the moisture in the hair and go down for a long time, making the hair more dry and dry.
4. Use styling products regularly
Finalizing the design product can make hair modeling more lasting and beautiful. However, because its alcohol content is usually higher, it makes hair extremely easy to dry and flimsy; when combing, it is still easy to pull off hair but used for a long time may cause hair loss. Therefore, when choosing styling products, avoid using products with high alcohol content.
5. Frequent perm and dye
The potions used to dye or perm your hair contain many chemicals. Some chemicals can be very damaging to hair keratin. Long-term, frequent perming and coloring can break down the scalp barrier, leaving hair dry, brittle, and prone to shedding. It is recommended not to perm hair at short intervals, preferably not more than three times a year.

6. Malnutrition
alnutritionMalnutrition will also indirectly harm our hair. Each hair at the bottom of the corresponding hair follicle, common malnutrition, will let the hair follicle this part of the black particles slowly reduced, or even lack. So the two phenomena that cause most easily, one drops hair, another is black hair becomes white, affecting our beauty.