Tips of choosing your own yoga mat

Tips of choosing your own yoga mat

1 Bring an eraser with you before you purchase it, and rub the yoga mat with it to see whether the material is easy to break?
2 If your financial condition allows, I would like to recommend you buy a yoga mat made of mixed natural latex and hemp. Compared with traditional  PVC material, it will be safer for the human body and environment.
3 Gently push the surface of the yoga mat with your palm. The surface should be dry. If the surface is wet, it means there are still a lot of residual foaming agents on the mat surface. Users will easily slip or fall when using it.
4 Please test the tolerance of the mat by pinching it with your fingers. A yoga mat with good elasticity can provide a protective function for the users when using it.
5 To avoid injury, we recommend that users choose their yoga mat with appropriate thickness according to their level. For instance, for a yoga beginner, it is better to use a mat of 6mm thickness.
Additionally, we strongly suggest that please clean the public yoga mat with wipes or sprays before you use it in the gym room. It largely reduces the risk of infecting skin diseases. Because an uncleaned yoga mat is likely to harbor bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. Those bacteria can lead to folliculitis. Meanwhile,  fungi are prone to ringworm and foot fungus. In addition, dust mites are the biggest threat to allergic people by inducing allergic dermatitis and asthma.
In conclusion, it is important to choose an appropriate yoga mat for yourself. Because a good yoga mat can help you prevent a lot of unnecessary injuries. Thus, please choose your yoga mat carefully.
Why do you need a yoga mat? 

Why do you need a yoga mat? 

A yoga mat is not only prevented slipperiness but also provided a protective effect when you are making some knee moves. If the mat is too thin, the knee will have a very strong squeezing pressure with the ground, especially when doing a tiger pose. A yoga mat is not only a tool, but also a protection tool for your body so that you can avoid injury, better protect your spine, knees, and other joints, and also let you get a healthier body. A yoga towel can be used as an aid, placed on a yoga mat, to increase length, and can be used to protect the body from catching a cold during rest.
How to choose a yoga mat?
1. TPE mat is the most environmentally friendly  
TPE is the most high-grade yoga mat product, does not contain chlorinated substances, does not contain metal elements, anti-static, each mat is about 1200 grams, lighter than the PVC foam mat about 300 grams, and is more suitable for carrying out. General thickness 6mm-8mm.
Features: soft, comfortable, strong grip – placed on any ground are more secure. Compared with the PVC yoga mat, the weight is about 300 grams lighter and more convenient to carry around.
The advantages of TPE mats, are light quality, easy to carry, easy to clean, wet and dry state non-slip are excellent, and the mat TPE material purity is no smell. For most PVC foam mats because of the process and cost reasons or some taste, there is no way to remove this.
2. PVC is cost-effective and good-quality
PVC foam (Pvc content 96% of the weight of the yoga mat is about 1500 grams) PVC is a chemical raw material. PVC is not soft and plays a non-slip before it foamed. Only after it foams, can produce the finished product like a yoga mat, or non-slip mat.
Features: PVC material is affordable, available everywhere, and the quality is also guaranteed, and cost-effective.
What should I pay attention to when choosing a yoga mat?
The length should not be shorter than your height, and the width should not be narrower than your shoulder width. The thickness should be about 5mm. If the mat is too thin, you will feel pain when the joints touch the ground.  If it is too thick, it will affect the stability of the standing movement.
Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat.
Use your hand to squeeze the mat. If you feel that both fingers are easily pinched together, it proves that the mat is too soft. Even if the mat is thick, the joints such as the knees will be painful when they touch the ground. If the mat is too hard,  our fragile skin can not accept it, and it is easy to break, and not easy to store.
Uniformity of yoga mat.
Lay the yoga mat flat, and observe the uniformity of its foam. If the foam is not a uniform mat surface, it is easy to produce damage in the process of use. If the raised part of the foam is broken, it cannot be repaired.
Light and heavy moderate.
If the mat is too heavy, it is not easy to carry. If the mat slides on the ground or the hand slides on the mat surface, it means that the mat is not very good in terms of slip resistance.
Fitness tip: Can you drink diet Coke during weight loss?

Fitness tip: Can you drink diet Coke during weight loss?

Sugar-free drinks have been popular in the market recently, attracting many fitness enthusiasts due to their sugar-free features. They crave diet drinks to quench their cravings. But even without sugar, it can still be sweet in some drinks. So can drinking diet drinks help our cravings stay fat?
Sugar-free drinks
Diet drinks were first invented in 1950 for people with diabetes and later developed into commercial foods sold to people trying to control their weight by cutting down on sugar, but do diet drinks help them lose weight? Diet drinks are usually a mixture of carbonated water and artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners include aspartame, Cycetin, saccharin, potassium Acetylsulfonate, or sucralose. Almost all carbonated drinks on the market contain sugar-free versions, with diet Cola being the popular choice.
Sugar-free beverage ingredients
Diet drinks contain carbonated water, artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and some food additives. They usually have little or no calories and no nutrients. But there is no rule out that some products add sugar to taste better. One cola was found to contain 90 calories and 24 grams of sugar.
Can you drink diet drinks during weight loss?
It’s okay to drink it occasionally to cope with your body’s craving for sweetness, but it would be a mistake to assume that diet drinks aren’t bad for weight loss! Many people fail to lose weight because they drink diet drinks!
-It causes an increase in insulin.
Insulin stores excess sugar as fat. We all know that sugar is the key to insulin, and eating rice or foods high in sugar can trigger insulin secretion. But some studies have shown that when we drink diet drinks, artificial sweeteners can signal to the brain that “sugar” is entering the body, prompting the pancreas to produce insulin. But when secreted insulin does not deal with the regular sugar, it will affect some metabolic balance, hindering the progress of the weight loss plan.
-It could trigger a demand for sugar.
Because the different sweeteners have different sweetness levels, they all have one thing in common: they are sweeter than sugar. Such as aspartame, saccharin, sucralose. It’s 200 to 13,000 times sweeter than regular sugar. Being in the presence of this high-sweetness stimulus confuses the brain, leading to a stronger desire for sugar. However, we can’t quite feel it on our tongues.
-To increase appetite
Because sweeteners trick the brain into thinking it is sugar, they increase the appetite for sugar while arousing the body’s desire for it. Even if your body is already calorically satisfied at the moment. You’re still feeling hungry. If you have little control, don’t drink diet drinks too often.
From these points of view, diet drinks are not as advertised to help us lose weight or maintain it. On the contrary, it will likely affect our weight loss and the sweetener’s most significant impact. So can drinks without sweeteners help you lose weight?
Soda water
There are two different opinions about soda. One is that soda doesn’t make us fat and helps us lose weight. In one trial, people who drank soda regularly lost 4KG more than those who didn’t. Another theory is that if you drink soda, you’ll eat more. Drinking soda causes the body to produce more ghrelin, which alters sweet taste receptors and triggers dopamine in the brain to boost appetite. More research is needed to determine whether soda helps with weight loss.

What to drink while reducing weight?
Many of the choices for sugar-free drinks stem from the body’s desire for sugar and fear that drinks high in sugar will make you fat. But there are better options.
Tea is excellent for those who want to choose the right drink to lose weight. The tea doesn’t have the fizz of carbonated beverages, but it has a strong flavour. Some teas, such as black tea, can taste sweet when refined. Tea also has natural antioxidant properties, and the polyphenols in tea may also help with weight loss.
Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine can increase calorie and fat burning, while caffeine can also enhance exercise and thus burn a lot of fat. Coffee contains healthy antioxidants that suppress appetite and increase metabolism. To help you lose weight. But for coffee intake to have a quantitative control, causing insomnia is not good.
-Fruit juice
Fruit juice contains a large number of vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body. One of the most representative is orange juice. Orange juice is the best low-calorie alternative to those fizzy drinks. Orange juice is also considered a harmful calorie food. You burn more calories. Opt for orange juice if you want to drink something sweet and lose weight simultaneously.
-Vegetable juice
Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of dietary fibre and enhance gastrointestinal motility. Vegetables are also rich in the body and need a lot of nutrients. Choose to add some fruit for extra flavour. Carrot juice is also a particularly filling vegetable juice. One cup of turnip juice will fill you up for three hours. Overeating is avoided.
Diet drinks don’t have the same effect on weight loss as they are thought to have, but they can help you gain weight in three other ways.
Trick the brain into releasing the same amount of insulin through sweet taste. These sweeteners stimulate the body’s need for sugar after long-term diet control.
Increased appetite leads to eating more in standard times. In short, try to reduce the intake of diet drinks during the weight-loss period. We can choose drinks such as tea, juice, or coffee. Vegetable juices and so on will help us lose fat.
Some friends who lose weight will have a fear of sugar psychology. Sugar, as the nutritional element of the human body, is essential. It’s excess sugar that leads to obesity. For weight loss, the balance of nutrition and exercise expenditure is the most important. Please make that clear.