5, 60-year-old women dressing don’t be too formal, learn these mature age dressing, magnanimous thin and senior

5, 60-year-old women dressing don’t be too formal, learn these mature age dressing, magnanimous thin and senior

Modern women are more adept at hiding their age through dressing and hairstyles, and even when they enter a stage like 50 or 60, there is no sense of old age at all. The following older women are all dressing models, want to reap the benefits of a more outstanding level of collocation, and may wish to look at their “dressing,” the older, the more elegant.
Knee-length skirts are the most elegant.
Those women who attach importance to dressing can undoubtedly observe the phenomenon that young girls like short skirts, which allow them to show their lively style. Older ladies in their 50s and 60s can opt for knee-length skirts to enhance their temperament, whether they are bustier skirts or dresses. But older ladies trust knee-length skirts more and are likelier to inspire their inner flavor and charm through longer skirt pieces.
The short black dresses, which are also the easiest to create a dull and stuffy presence, can be chosen in a sleeveless style to add chic charm and boost turnovers. When combined with a belt of the same color, this dress can beautify and embellish your figure as much as possible, especially for those with an excessive tummy, and hide the shortcomings of your figure through the contraction that comes with the dress.
Among so many skirts, the black and white skirts are the ones that everyone will love, and both will have the ultimate difference in color. Still, the advantages and disadvantages will not be too uniform so that you can prepare these two types of very different style pieces in your wardrobe in advance.
A white knee-length half skirt, like this one, can be worn in various ways to create a sensual or casual look, and a green shirt will also give older women a sense of vitality. This skirt is wearable and versatile, and changing the shirt to another color will make it a perfect outfit.
Knee-length skirts are recommended for older women because they enhance their elegance and help to conceal thicker legs. Skirts generally retain an exceptionally light texture, making it easy to create a flowing, ethereal look.
These two dresses have very different shapes, but in terms of length, they are both very consistent, and both help women bare their ankles and wrap their thighs and part of their calves. Combined with the white sleeveless top, they emphasize the flare.
There are dark and light colors.
Adding brand new clothes to your wardrobe every year will only get richer and richer as you get older and the more you pile up. Provided that the way women choose their pieces is not too consistent, otherwise, the clothes will have a high level of homogeneity, and the fun of matching them will be reduced.
Older women must choose colors that suit them to make subsequent outfits more stylish and harmonious. Dark colors are unique in their inclusiveness and are loved by all, while light colors have a refreshing character and stand out. You can choose a black top with a blue knee-length half-skirt for a fresh and elegant look or a short white shirt with a blue knee-length skirt that quickly shows off your legs. Whether you use dark or light colors, it is a dressing choice that women make. You can use these two shades of very different clothing to create a daily outfit that is not monotonous.
The black knee-length skirt is a highly inclusive color that allows women to be more comfortable with their choice of top, and a green shirt can be worn with it for a more elegant and vibrant look. Switch to a white sleeveless knitted vest, which is very resilient and can also be combined with a knee-length skirt to add a touch of modesty.
There are simple and complex pieces.
Too few items in your wardrobe can affect your ability to unleash your outfitting ideas. Still, you don’t need too many similar-looking outfits that don’t allow you the flexibility to switch styles. You can have a few grand and simple pieces in your wardrobe, but you should include more elaborate designs to create highlights.
For example, the printed knee-length skirt has become a dressing option for many women, and the choice of the base color is crucial. You can use a white printed skirt, whether a dress or a bustier, to create a good temperament.
The presence of printed pieces cannot be underestimated. Whether they are shirts or skirt pieces, they will occupy a certain proportion of the wardrobe and can play as important a role as possible this summer to create a sense of uniqueness.
For example, green printed pieces, starting with a printed shirt, can be chosen in a green and white color palette to add a fresh and clean vibe. It’s also generous and exceptionally excellent when paired with the most spartan black shorts.
The older women who are getting more and more stylish have a few untold rules of dressing, and learning their ‘dressing scriptures’ will help them to be on their way to being chic.
You should have a few versatile items of clothing in your wardrobe, such as a white shirt, which will never be overlooked, or a printed bustier skirt to complement it, giving a more stylish and less monotonous effect.
What kind of trousers can a man under 175 tall wear to show off his height? These three models are recommended to turn into long legs in seconds.

What kind of trousers can a man under 175 tall wear to show off his height? These three models are recommended to turn into long legs in seconds.

The most taboo thing for small people is wearing “shorts”, especially in summer. Wearing the wrong words is more likely to expose the height of the shortboard.
The trousers directly impact the proportion of height compared to clothes, so it is recommended that small people who are less than 175 in size must choose suitable trousers! There are many ways to solve this situation, the simplest being to choose trousers with a “taller” effect, which elongates the leg proportion, thus completing the overall body shaping outcome.
The following three types of trousers are recommended for small people, so don’t miss them!
1. High-waisted trousers
As we all know, if you want to show your legs, you need to raise your waistline to increase the “length” of your lower body and create a perfect three-to-seven body proportion. The high waist trousers are:
  • A good choice.
  • Take advantage of the cut of the shape by raising the waistline.
  • Dividing the upper and lower half of the body into a ratio of three to seven.
  • Turning into long legs in seconds.
For small people, high-waisted trousers are not challenging to match. Whether with a T-shirt or a shirt in summer, it can present a different modelling effect to meet the needs of other occasions.
The high waist trousers are not limited to small legged trousers. As long as the waistline is raised, even if the trousers have a loose leg, the high waist trousers can also achieve a “high” effect.
2. Nine-quarter trousers
The most taboo thing for small people is to wear trousers with long legs, where a large area of fabric is piled up on the ankles, visually making them even shorter. The nine-quarter trousers can solve this problem by shortening the length of the trouser leg and exposing the ankle properly, which visually makes the legs longer and taller. The choice of trousers is also extensive, whether it is nine-point jeans or nine-point trousers, can meet the needs of daily casual or workplace wear, high at the same time let the whole person look more competent, stylish, will not look loose, dragging any shape.
3. Shorts
Increasing the skin area on the legs lengthens the leg line and makes it taller, and the upper half of the body is very handsome with T-shirts or shirts. The top half of the body with a T-shirt or shirt is beautiful and stylish. Try to match the shoes with a single shoe, avoid too heavy shoes, easy to give people a “light head and heavy feet” feeling, as usual, will also show short.
Secondly, it is also crucial to choose the right style of shorts. Try to avoid trousers that are too loose in shape, and prefer a style that fits well or is one size more flexible than the standard size; the length should also be controlled well, with the best position being at the knee or 2-3cm above the knee.
50-year-old man: less to wear these three kinds of “old man shirt,” greasy and show cheap, more handsome also in vain

50-year-old man: less to wear these three kinds of “old man shirt,” greasy and show cheap, more handsome also in vain

Although men are not as afraid of aging as women, with age growth, to 4, 50-year-old men are apprehensive about their smooth looks. Then the same age people show several years older.
Age is a killing knife. We can not stop the body deformation and fat, but we can be dressed through the dressing, refuse greasy and cheap clothing, to shape a more stunning and stylish image. Although, there is no denying that there are indeed some clothes that come with a sense of age, which 4, 50-year-old middle-aged men try to avoid, especially the following three kinds of “old man shirts,” even if you do not have the anxiety in terms of looks and body, it is also challenging to manage!
1. T-shirts that are too loose or too tight
As the T-shirt is the most representative of the essential items, many people in the selection of models ignore the choice of shape, thinking that as long as it is a T-shirt will be versatile. This idea is very wrong!
Most middle-aged men are more or less blessed, and the tight T-shirt is too close to the body, making it easy to expose the body flaws so that the belly is nowhere to hide, fat, and greasy. Remember to avoid. Secondly, many people have been brainwashed by the idea of “loose and thin” dressing, thinking that the looser the T-shirt, the more “meat” it can cover.
The T-shirt is too loose to widen the visual, easy to affect the body proportion of the presentation, fat and short and sloppy; if the body type is thin, wearing this T-shirt will give a “can not support the clothes” feeling.
2. Too many patterns, too complex polo shirt
The polo shirt itself bears the title of “fashion insulator” the style is formal, easy to wear, and looks too severe, so the selection of models should do their homework.
The polo shirts with plaid, stripes, color blocking, or too bright colors should be avoided. Too many elements on the clothes, easy to increase the sense of visual oppression, tacky and rustic, especially in the case of floral polo shirts, the high saturation color scheme plus the elements of decoration, the proper “old man shirt” both senses. The average middle-aged man is complicated to master. Therefore, it is recommended not to try quickly!
3. Fancy floral shirts
Many people think of a relaxed holiday style regarding floral shirts, but others also say it is an “old man’s shirt.”
The floral shirt is designed to have a youthful aesthetic, and the fancy design can create many different fashion looks, but it’s not very friendly to middle-aged men and can quickly look greasy when worn. Secondly, it’s not easy to wear a floral shirt. Especially for middle-aged men who lack dressing knowledge, it makes it more challenging to match, and if you don’t wear it well, it will quickly reveal your body flaws and age, making you look fat and old!
To sum up.
1.T-shirts, try to choose a form-fitting version, wear it quite stylish; if the body is solid or fat, you can choose a larger than the standard size of the style, more shapely.
2. Polo shirts are best to choose low saturation of solid color system, reducing the difficulty of matching, can meet the needs of different occasions wear.
3. Middle-aged men wearing shirts try to choose a solid color or striped elements of the style, more wearable temperament, and taste!
Men don’t dress up when they get older. These three kinds of dressing are simple and not fancy, handsome and stylish but also age-defying

Men don’t dress up when they get older. These three kinds of dressing are simple and not fancy, handsome and stylish but also age-defying

After reaching middle age, the overall state of men will also undergo some changes, psychologically becoming more mature and stable. As for the appearance of words, most middle-aged men will be blessed, slightly greasy. Therefore, middle-aged men need to pay extra attention in terms of dressing!
Older men shouldn’t dress inappropriately! The “all black” is easy to show old and vulgar; “all flower pattern” will be too fancy, you can try the following three kinds of dressing, simple and not fancy, handsome and stylish but also significantly age reduction!
1. T-shirt + jeans, handsome and stylish and show young

When a man reaches middle age, don’t blindly catch up with the fashion, to learn to wear “net red clothes” with young people, easy to give people the feeling of “clothes wearing people”, and their age is a too strong sense of incongruity. Instead, it is recommended to try some essential items, such as T-shirts with jeans, two fashion industry “evergreen” items, where it does not look greasy. For a more stylish look, try jeans with small rips, which are more complex to highlight than traditional styles. Add trouser chains and sunglasses for a slightly American street style that will make you look younger than your peers.
2. shirt + trousers, to meet the needs of a variety of occasions dressing
The key is to be versatile and meet the needs of different occasions. For example, shirts and trousers, two formal-looking, but also can wear a sense of fashion casual single product, combined either daily or in the workplace can be managed. You can also add silk scarves and sunglasses to enhance the fashion sense of styling. Of course, the choice of version can also be relaxed thinking, a little loose white shirt with wide-legged trousers. The overall open feeling to modify the body, but also to bring out the simple, spontaneous dressing atmosphere, with black shoes and sunglasses, the upper and lower colour echoes help to enhance the sense of styling layers, cool and handsome.
3. Flower’s pattern shirt + shorts, fresh and comfortable 
When it comes to flower’s pattern shirts, many people’s first impression is that they are a bit fancy and greasy, but as long as you learn the correct way to match, middle-aged men can also wear fresh and not smooth. Following the principle of “combining simplicity with complexity”, the flower shirt is layered with a white T-shirt and the bottom half with solid-coloured sports shorts so that the overall look is not too fancy and has a sense of hierarchy. Of course, the printed shirt can also be paired with suit shorts, “the upper body casual, the lower body formal” way of dressing, not to show old and not to play young, very suitable for summer wear, fresh and stylish, but also play an excellent cooling effect.
When a man gets older, whether his temperament is high class or greasy, you can tell by the shoes he wears that the difference is quite significant.

When a man gets older, whether his temperament is high class or greasy, you can tell by the shoes he wears that the difference is quite significant.

In many people’s opinion, if a man wants to become handsome, he only needs to rely on his hair, clothing and how to match it, but this is not the case. Shoes are also an indispensable part of styling.
Shoes are a detail that many people tend to ignore, but they directly reflect a man’s temperament and taste. Whether it’s “high class” or “greasy”, it mainly depends on the “shoes” he chooses. Especially for older men, if shoes are not picked right, it is easy to reveal age and look greasy.

1. Why is it not recommended for middle-aged and older men to wear leather and bean shoes?

The style attributes of leather shoes and beans shoes are powerful. They are formal shoes which require a high level of styling. Leather shoes can quickly reveal your age, and they also look greasy. Many people think of leather shoes as a symbol of a man’s sophistication, but they overlook that leather shoes should also be worn for different occasions and not as everyday shoes.
Leather shoes require strict clothing matching, and if an older man wears them as an everyday shoe, he will either look pretentious or quickly reveal his age and greasy.
Moccasins, on the other hand, are too fussy and look cheap if not worn well. Moreover, the moccasins originate from the West, so for Chinese men, it’s tough to wear them as elegant and advanced as Western men. In addition, in China, moccasins are considered to be the favourite of “spiritual guys” middle-aged and older men are relatively lacking in knowledge about fashion dressing, and wearing bad moccasins instead looks cheap and easy to pull down the temperament.

2. Middle-aged men wear these three kinds of shoes, fashionable and age reduction

To avoid modelling old, it is recommended that middle-aged and older men try to choose some “ageless” shoes, do not pick age and style, wear up can also play the effect of age reduction.
Sneakers have a robust, sporty attribute, giving people an emotional and energetic feeling. Therefore, it is easier for middle-aged and older men to wear these shoes to enhance their energy, reduce their age and be stylish.
They are also available in a wide range of styles so that you can choose according to your aesthetic preferences and style, and there are no limitations to how you dress.
Skateboard shoes
Most middle-aged and older men choose to wear simple clothing, and Skateboard shoes are a perfect match for this type of clothing, as they are simple, lightweight and comfortable, so you can’t go wrong with them.
Take the classic white Skateboard shoes, for example, with a beige jacket and jeans. Yet, the overall look is clean, fresh and not greasy, looking years younger than people of the same age.
Canvas shoes
Many people feel that canvas shoes are too cheap for middle-aged men, but they are not, as they have an excellent age-defying effect and can reduce visual age.
And the dressing is not limited to casual clothing. Even with a suit is also very stylish, mix and match style modelling to show not awful fashion taste.
Finally, no matter how old you are, don’t neglect every detail of your look, especially the choice of shoes, which is not only the finishing touch to the overall look but also affect your temperament and taste!
After 48 years old, women do not have to buy too many clothes; “3 skirts and three trousers” is enough, versatile and good-looking. 

After 48 years old, women do not have to buy too many clothes; “3 skirts and three trousers” is enough, versatile and good-looking. 

Forty years old is a crucial age for Feng Shui, and after 40 years, the older woman is in the experience of the years and has an emotional life experience. It is in such a critical age stage, so in the dressing with more attention, pay attention to, so through the dress to enhance their fashion, stable temperament.
For women over 48 years old, the dressing should focus on “quality”, “quality” rather than “quantity”! So you don’t have to buy too many clothes, these “3 skirts and 3 trousers” is enough, versatile and good-looking!
The woman who is running four in the start of the single product does not have to buy too much personality, unique style, for such a particular age of women, with fashionable femininity, through the classic style of the single product can easily temperament full of sense, but also not lose the stability, elegance of feeling!
Next, I will start with the classic “3 trousers and 3 skirts”, to bring you the temperament of the woman who is suitable for the fourth, go to understand it!

1. Pants

No.1 Jeans
The classic and versatile jeans must be an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe, and the general public also loves the material of denim for its “wearable” and “warm” characteristics. Of course, in the vibrant spring and summer season, you can’t go wrong with blue jeans that are youthful and energetic.
Light blue jeans: the upper body shallow washed blue jeans, whether with high heels or flat shoes, are good-looking, just different styles and different temperaments to wear them. Although jeans always give people a neutral feeling, the blue type is unexpected with a “gentle” character, even with a suit, but also can be intellectual, feminine full of oh!
The jeans with holes: the jeans with holes will be more than the general style of a sense of individuality and increased skin area, but also very suitable for fairies in spring and summer to manage, fashionable and cool. For women on the go, it is not advisable to have too many holes in the design, but a random spot in the trousers will do, which is easy to manage and makes the outfit more exciting.
No.2 Leggings
Fashionistas love the latest casual style, and there must be something that matches this style: “leggings”.
Grey sweatpants: The tops of the sweatpants are casual and comfortable, especially the most classic grey-legged sweatpants, which come with a relaxed vibe, even with a formal blazer, but also with an open feel!
Pink sweatpants: sweatpants of this kind of single product colour, a variety of colours, including pink sweatpants, is very good, this bright colour and spring and summer atmosphere perfect fit, and ageing effect is very good! The design of the leggings makes the overall look slimmer and avoids the outsized impact perfectly.
No.3 Suit Pants
As part of a suit, blazers have the same classic feel and plasticity as a blazer, so whether you wear them as a set or on their own, they are very stylish and look great! The ladies can also choose the blazer style according to their leg shape or lower body characteristics.
Straight suit trousers: straight style suit trousers, that is, the trouser barrel straight trouser type, the upper body of this type of trousers will be able to trim your lower body is very competent and stylish, with a suit jacket is to enhance the aura, the queen model full! The sassiness and competence at the same time let the fairies easily hold any formal occasions.
The wide-legged suit trousers, whether you are o-legged, x-legged, or short thick legs, can be perfectly covered, and the material of the fall is also excellent. If you choose the high waist style, there is a tall and thin role.! The main reason is that you can wear a wide-legged blazer, which is a great way to cover up meat.

2. skirt chapter

No.1 slit skirt
The slit skirt is a skirt with a slit design. The addition of this design allows the skirt to close the hem, more than a slit to enhance the personality of the dress at the same time can also be appropriate to enhance the skin area, visually give people light and eye-catching visual effect, you must not miss!
Silk slit dresses: silk in slit dresses can make the overall shape more noble, celebrity feeling, and such a unique material is a sense of seniority, casual with a pair of high heels can wear a sense of celebrity! The slit part of the skirt also presents the legs of the fairies as if they were hidden, full of femininity!
Leather slit skirt: The silk slit skirt is noble and elegant, while the leather slit skirt is more of a sophisticated, avant-garde feel, giving a very individual and dynamic feel to the upper body, and also generally in black, which shows an apparent thin effect and can easily manage any spring and summer tops.
No.2 Pleated skirt
The pleated skirt must be the favourite of many women. These skirts are unique, with a good drape and a chic pleated texture, and they are also exquisite and charming when you walk around.
Brown Pleated Skirt: A brown pleated skirt is great for women who like a more subdued style. This colour has a vintage atmosphere, showing a bit of Hong Kong style temperament and a sense of fashionable avant-garde. Hence, a brown pleated skirt with the inclusion is also extremely strong, casual with a blazer. You can instantly dress up.
Irregular pleated skirt: the dark pleated skirt is calm, then light pleated skirt has a perfect effect of ageing, light colour highlighting the vitality, sunshine atmosphere, and then join the avant-garde and unique irregular design, but also instantly enhance several fashionable degrees so that the dress personality while at the same time eye-catching effect is perfect.
No.3 A-line skirt
The A-line skirt is a skirt with a shape similar to the letter A. This type of shape is very inclusive of the body, so no matter what kind of body you have, you can show off your best body shape by wearing an A-line skirt. The short A-line skirt is elegant and sharp, and the larger skin area it presents is an excellent way to avoid the bloated effect and make the whole look a lot lighter.
Mid-length A-line skirt: The mid-length A-line skirt is a great way to trim women’s figures and just the right length to cover up the flesh on the legs, with an apparent slimming effect. The dress can also be worn with the top tied into the skirt, highlighting the waistline and adjusting the body’s proportion.
How to spend less on clothes and look better. I share the principles of economic wardrobe renewal.

How to spend less on clothes and look better. I share the principles of economic wardrobe renewal.

Welcome to the bargain shop. Updating the wardrobe is a separate female pain. This year I want to solve this problem as cheaply as possible. I’ll tell you how I buy things. I’ve long since stopped agonizing over pointless shopping trips, wasted money, and closets.


At one point, I couldn’t handle the analysis in the closet alone. I found a stylist who spent 1,000 yuan to put all the clothes together and then wrote a list of things I needed to buy. I had to get rid of half the old stuff in the analysis.


How professionals in the field can make it fun to keep working. I purchased the following service – a 2000 yuan gift card escort. You say: “Waste of money!” I see. I don’t notice things myself. But, after looking at the stylists’ work, she established basic principles for handling images.


For three years, I’ve been dealing with the realization of my wardrobe on my own. It was hard to find new ideas, but I learned how to use references, and it became easier.


Now is not the time to spend on stylists and accompanists. So I combined all my knowledge and experience and wrote a little tutorial.
First, you need to sort out what it is. Then, collect capsules with accessories and shoes. Next, get rid of things that are outdated and look bad. After analyzing and planning a purchase, the probability of buying the wrong item goes to zero.
Then it would be best if you found references. This is the hardest and the longest. I use Pinterest. In search, enter a query containing a description of the thing you have chosen companions for. Collect your favorite references into a separate folder. When forming images, pay attention to shoes and accessories. They often set the mood.


Go to the store and try them on. You need to be prepared.
1. Make a list of things and stores. Stylists suggest you find a few brands that match your style and price. As a result, you’ll spend less time shopping and calculate costs ahead of time.


2. When trying on clothes, wear the underwear you plan to wear under your new outfit. For example, if you try something on in tights, it will look different or smaller without them. Same story as the bra.
3. When you go to the mall, put on whatever you need to pick up in a set. Then, you can change clothes and make-up in the fitting room. This will allow you to evaluate the complete image. If your wardrobe needs a major update, bring something to the store.


There are some more practical tips.
1. If you’re on a budget, go for classic cuts, pastel colors, and basics without vibrant prints and overdone embellishments. This will be the base of the wardrobe. After that, one or two fashion items or accessories are enough to keep the look modern.
2. When choosing between a dress, a blouse, and a skirt, choose the latter. You can choose other companions for them. The wardrobe looks richer when all the “tops” and “bottoms” are combined. You can collect four different looks from four things. This does not apply to dresses.
3. In money-saving mode, only buy stuff in exchange for clutter. With a more liberal budget, choose not to duplicate the base but replenish it with closet items—something super stylish, bright, or unusual in a cut.


It’s enough to do a lot of work at once, and then updating your wardrobe will come naturally.
Do you have your secret on how to look good without spending a fortune on clothes?