When the three travelers went out in the morning, a traveler carried an umbrella, and another traveller took a cane, and the third travelers did not take anything.


Returning home at night, the traveler with his umbrella was covered with water, and the traveler with a stick fell all over with wounds, while the third travelers were unharmed. So the traveler in front looked puzzled and asked the third traveler, “how could you have nothing to do?”


The third traveler did not answer, but asked the traveler with his umbrella, “Why are you wet without a fall?”


The umbrella traveler said: “when the rain came, because I have an umbrella, boldly walking in the rain, but I do not know how to get wet; when I walk on the rough road, because I had no crutches, so go very carefully, to choose a stable place to go, so there’s no hurt.”


Then he asked the traveler with his cane, “why didn’t you get wet and hurt?”


Take a crutch said: “when the rain comes, because I did not take an umbrella, it can pick up the shelter of the place to go, so there is no wet; when I walk on the rough road, I will use crutches to walk, but I do not know why often falls.


The third travelers after listen to smiled and said: “this is why you get wet umbrella, hurt his crutches, but I was safe and sound reasons. When the rain came to me when I hide away, I carefully walked the road is not good, so I didn’t get wet wasn’t hurt. Your fault is that you have the advantage of relying on, that the advantages of less suffering.”