There are many famous scientists in the world who live in poverty. On the road to success, they have fought hard against the plight. The circumstances of Newton’s boyhood were also very sympathetic.
Newton was born in 1642 at the home of an ordinary farmer in England. His father died shortly before Newton was born. His mother married when he was two years old. When Newton was fourteen years old, his stepfather died, and when his mother came back to her hometown, Newton was forced to drop out of school to help his mother farm. His mother wanted to cultivate him for a living and to buy and sell his farm products.
How reluctant a diligent child is to leave his beloved school! He cried sadly a few times, and the mother never relent, and finally she had to learn business from her mother’s will. Early in the morning, he went to the big town a dozen miles away with an old servant. Newton was very disinterested in business, and kept all his affairs in the hands of his old servant, but he secretly ran to a place to read.
As time went by, Newton grew more and more disgusted with business, and all he liked was reading. Later, Newton did not go to the town to do business, only to ask the old servant to go alone. Fearing that his family would find out, he went out with his old servant every day, stopped at the middle of the road, and studied under a hedge. When the old servant came home in the afternoon, he went home together.
So, day after day, the reading life under the fence is also great. One day, he was reading with great interest in the fence, and he was seen by his uncle. When my uncle saw this, he was angry and scolded him for not being in business. Rob Newton’s book. My uncle was moved when he saw that he was reading a mathematics book with marks on it. The uncle seized him and said excitedly, “boy, just as you wish, your path should be read.”
When I got home, my uncle tried to persuade Newton’s mother to let Newton go to school. With the help of my uncle, Newton got his wish.