Balzac once said artistic creation was “an exhausting struggle”. He believed that only by tenacious work and fearing not afraid of difficulties could you show your talent. It was just like the soldiers the fortress, not relaxing your effort for even a moment.
Once Balzac wrote for hours on end, he was so tired that he could not hold out any longer. He ran to a friend’s home and headlong on the sofa. He wanted to sleep, but he told his friend he must be woken up within an hour. His friend, seeing him so tired, did not wake him up on time. After he woke up, Balzac got very angry at his friend. his friend had an understanding of him and did not quarrel with him.
Balzac did not smoke cigarettes, nor did he drink any alcohol. But he got one habit: while he was writing,he always drank very strong coffee that could almost his stomach. He didn’t add milk, nor did he add sugar in his coffee. It would not satisfy him until it was made bitter. People generally did not like to drink such bitler coffee. That had strange effect to him, and could help him drive the sleepiness away, according to himself.