Galileo is the great Italian physicist and astronomer, his contributions on mechanics is established laws of fall, discovered the law of inertia of the object, isochronous pendulum vibration, parabolic motion law, the principle of Galileo is determined.
During his time at the university of Pisa, Galileo was curious and asked questions, such as “why planets don’t move along straight lines”. Some teachers thought he had too many problems, but he didn’t care, he asked.
Once, when Galileo learned of the mathematician Lizzie’s visit to Pisa, he prepared many questions to ask him about leach. This time, the teacher was tireless, the students asked endlessly. Galileo soon learned the knowledge of plane geometry and geometry, and grasped Archimedes’ theory of leverage, floating body proportion and so on.
“There is no question that the key to all science is a question mark,” said li zhengdao, a Chinese American physicist and Nobel laureate. Therefore, it is necessary to have a curious heart and a good meaning to build a tree in your studies.