See female stars shine on stage, and more than ten years ago seems to haven’t changed a bit, let a lot of people who envy. So people all wanted to know how to keep her until the female star name “the sugar” 2 words suddenly made many people catch on, so do not eat sugar is her secret to staying young. Is it that simple? Does cutting out sugar help?
Everyone should be rational; do not just see “anti-sugar” as two words began to excite. The female star also said the anti-sugar habit is an appropriate diet. She often drinks milk tea, drinks coffee, adds a lot of sugar, and now the diet tends to be light. Rarely eat fried class. Three meals daily are mostly less oil, less salt, and less MSG. And instead of cutting out the staple food altogether, she ate less, not only relying on it to fuel her body.
But we should also be aware that celebrities secretly use expensive care products, so their flawless skin may not result from simple anti-sugar. If you start cutting out sugar and staple foods without knowing what’s going on, your body may not be able to hold up before your skin gets better and younger.
Anti-sugar means not eating a single bite of sugar?
Some netizens said they want to resist sugar. From today, refuse all sugar, throw away the white sugar in the kitchen, and throw away all kinds of candy snacks, and milk tea is not a sip.
Before you do that, you need to understand the concept of “sugar”. Some ingredients are not sweet, whether a simple food containing sugar or carbohydrate, but eventually will be converted into sugar. Even if you throw away all the sugary food around, sugar can not avoid entering the body. In other words, as long as the body is running, it’s impossible not to eat sugar. Without sugar, one day, life might not function.


Anti-sugar must give up staple food?
Some people may be confused by the concept of sugar and finally decide not to eat snacks and staple foods, thinking that this is safe, but actually, this is a misunderstanding. First of all, the body must eat enough staple foods every day. You may feel weak and easily dizzy if you don’t eat one bite. When the body calls up protein, the muscles and liver will run out of food, and all will be messed up. Secondly, even if you do not eat staple food, glycosylation will appear and cannot be avoided. Sugar friends should also consider this point, not reduce sugar to give up staple food, which is very unwise.
There are four key points to keep in mind regarding science.
1: Eat less added sugar.
You can think of it as “bad sugar”, which should be thrown out, including granulated sugar, malt syrup, rock sugar, etc., and honey is also in the queue. Regular consumption of bad sugar has a significant impact on blood sugar and can also lead to cavities, obesity, and bone growth is also terrible. Usually eat eight-treasure congee, sugar cake, chocolate, bread and other food, most of which have lousy sugar. If you plan to embark on the road of anti-sugar, this food will give up.


2:Eat staple food properly
Not eating staple foods is too extreme. As long as you learn to mix them, staple foods can be very healthy. For sugar friends, satiety is very important, and whole grains and cereals are foods, such as whole wheat bread, buckwheat noodles, rice, etc., can not only produce enough energy but also carry hunger, which is suitable for sugar friends and sugar resistant people to eat.
Do not eat any staple food. The human body is accessible to hunger, in the state of desire, may choose more meat or snacks to meet their appetite, then more prone to obesity and increased unnecessary risks. If you want to fight sugar, you can cut out fried foods, afternoon tea and desserts after meals, which may improve your skin.


3: Don’t overeat at every meal
Some people can eat vegetables until they are complete. It is not recommended to overeat vegetable or meat dishes. Because calories add up, eating too many of them loses the point of controlling sugar. Divide your meals before each and cut 30% off your usual portion size. If you are eating sweets, limit your intake to one or half egg tarts and cakes that are no bigger than your palm.
4: Eat enough vegetables and fruits
Vegetable and fruit are relatively safe and can increase appropriately, but vegetable wants to cook with little oil. I love the edible after the oily vegetable is best boiled. For example, eggplant, radish, and kelp waited a moment. Fruit is sweet, but it’s safe because it’s a natural sugar that has less impact on the human body, and there are a lot of nutrients in fruit that are good for your skin and intestines, so take them properly.


The sugar in your food is essential to fuel your body, so don’t take the “cut out whole foods” approach to fighting sugar. Your real competition should be artificial sugar and a variety of snacks. There is another concept that you need to understand: an anti-inflammatory diet, as the name suggests, is to reduce inflammation in the body.
Some food eat many, the body will produce more inflammatory cells, such as red meat, processed meat, Fried food and so on, this kind of food to eat many will also accelerate skin ageing, so the light resistance of sugar also not the line, anti-inflammatory, and eat less food increases inflammation, eat foods high in diminishing inflammation, anti-inflammatory, and this kind of food with garlic, fish, nucleic acids, such as olive oil.
Having said so much, we should sum up the law is to eat more natural, eat less artificial added, with a scientific and reasonable way to match three meals a day, and those snacks, fried food should eat less. As for some health care products that claim to be able to fight sugar, I’m afraid it is an IQ tax. I do not believe it easily.
In short, imagine a female star so have a young state and not aged appearance, need to pay a lot of effort, how should do, need everyone science treats slowly groping, not this does not eat, that does not eat, the body may strike, only reasonable collocation diet, can enjoy food at the same time, have beauty at the same time.