Hands are a woman’s second face. As a delicate girl, how can you give up hand maintenance! Moreover, a girl’s hands can tell the whole state of her life, so to add more happiness to your beauty, using hand creams to maintain your skin is a priority.


Choose by texture
Different hand creams specialize in other effects, with some feeling fresh and some sense sticky. Furthermore, the texture of hand creams used in different seasons is also different to solve hand problems in different seasons. So how should the fairies judge the surface of the hand creams they choose in different seasons to suit themselves?
1.1 Transparent jelly-like
The hand cream with transparent jelly makeup texture belongs to the refreshing type. The surface of this hand cream’s flexibility and liquidity is relatively strong. Its cream is mostly transparent or translucent jelly-shaped to meet the girls’ girlhood, but the nourishing effect is a little weak; its impact on hand protection is effective but can not meet the high requirements of the nourishment of the people.
The hand cream is suitable for girls with oily skin or girls who like the feeling of fresh skin in the summer; it can be turned into moisture in an instant after smearing, and the skin absorbs it quickly without a sticky feeling.
1.2 Thick and creamy
The texture of a thick cream hand cream is a greasy type of hand cream, the consistency of this hand cream is usually a creamy white paste or cream. Compared to the transparent jelly hand cream, its malleability and liquidity are relatively poor, giving the skin the feeling of heavy greasy, but the moisturizing effect is superb.
This is a great way to get the most out of hand cream.
1.3 Water-in-oil
Hand creams that are water-in-oil in shape are also malleable and liquid and easy for the skin to absorb in time. The oil-in-water form is a combination of oil and water, with the water moisturizing the skin on the hands, and the oil forms a protective film on the hands, which provides more lasting protection.
The oil-in-water hand cream is suitable for ladies who often do housework. Still, of course, it is also ideal for women who often work with water bodies because in doing housework or long-term contact with water, the skin is prone to roughness and dryness, so it is correct to choose a hand cream with a high proportion of oil.


Choose according to the function.
In addition to the texture of the hand, the cream has vital importance for the selection of hand cream, and we also need to select the different functions for the hand cream so that the ladies, according to their different needs, choose the right-hand cream, to help the ladies’ hands more beautiful.
2.1 Moisturizing and hydrating type
The hand cream of the moisturizing and hydrating type is mostly a thick cream or oil covered with water, its texture is greasy, but the moisturizing effect is great. Hydration is also a basic and most important step in hand skin care. Only when the skin is well hydrated will it be able to absorb different nutrients.
Selection advice: this kind of hand cream with moisturizing and hydrating function is most suitable for long-term stay in air-conditioned rooms, dry hand skin of office workers or students, whose skin age is younger women, so that they can replenish moisture from the source, to meet the basic moisturizing and hydrating needs of the hands.
2.2 Repairing
Hand creams with antioxidant and anti-aging properties are designed to replenish aging skin and reduce the appearance of dry lines and fine lines on the hands. Repairing hand cream is an antioxidant from the root.
The hand cream is often suitable for aging skin. Hands have certain aging lines of people, ladies can buy this type of repair hand cream to send their mother or older elders, so in the expression of certain new ideas at the same time can further reflect their own thoughtful oh.
2.3 Whitening
Hand whitening is also very important, so to meet the whitening requirements of many ladies, part of the hand cream will also be enriched with many whitening ingredients. These whitening ingredients are mostly vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes the timely metabolism of cells, lightens the skin melanin, and slows down the production of melanin.
The hand creams are suitable for ladies with darker hands. Vitamin C is a very effective whitening ingredient, so if you can insist on using hand creams rich in vitamin C whitening ingredients, you will be able to make your hands whiter.


Choose by ingredients
The ingredients of a hand cream determine its effect, so it is important to pay attention to the elements when choosing a hand cream to avoid stepping on the wrong side of the line. Some unscrupulous businesses produce inexpensive hand creams, but they contain many harmful ingredients that turn them into harmful hand creams, so ladies must be careful!
3.1 Nourishing and moisturizing ingredients
The hand cream in the moisturizing ingredients is mostly petroleum jelly containing petroleum jelly ingredients; its moisturizing degree is strong and will not penetrate the skin. It can stay on the skin surface for a long time, forming a protective film to protect the hands. Adding avocado to hand creams enhances the skin’s ability to moisturize and thus repair damaged skin.
Selection advice: Hand creams containing strong petroleum jelly and avocado ingredients are suitable for young ladies to moisturize their hand skin, moisturize and lock in water. More importantly, avocado ingredients can also repair damaged hand skin, killing two birds with one stone.
3.2 Antioxidants
Antioxidant ingredients are also a major component of hand creams; the hand skin activity cycle is strong and often subject to many aspects of injury. To ensure delicate skin, you need antioxidants, common ingredients for royal jelly, and amino acids. These two ingredients can moisturize the skin at the same time and can also lighten the hands of fine lines.
Suggestions: Mature women need hand creams with antioxidants because royal jelly has a moisturizing and refreshing effect. At the same time, amino acids can further repair cell tissues, helping protect the hands’ skin from damage with powerful antioxidants and keeping the skin in good condition.


3.3 Exfoliating ingredients
The exfoliating ingredients in hand creams are mostly fruit and lactic acids. To help the skin undergo a deeper “metabolism,” hand creams that contain some exfoliating ingredients will help exfoliate the skin of the hands to stimulate new cell production and increase skin elasticity and radiance to make the skin look new.
Hand creams containing exfoliating ingredients are suitable for older women with calluses between their finger joints or who have a rough feeling when touching them. So it is recommended to use hand creams containing fruit and lactic acid to exfoliate the skin efficiently and restore it to a smooth and moist state.