Soon to enter the winter, winter temperatures drop, many people are reluctant to go out, and because of the dry and cold weather, many girls have particularly dry hand skin, than the usual time will be rough a lot of people envy those who have good skin, fingers are particularly slim people, if good maintenance, take good care of their hand skin, you can also have the same good-looking beautiful hands, so what are the hand care steps.


What causes dry hands

Environment-related issues are a frequent reason for dry hands. For instance, chilly air contains less humidity than warm air, and when mixed with stiff winter winds, the result is dry, chapped, and cracked hands.

Overwashing, chemical exposures, or certain skin diseases like eczema can also cause dried-out skin and hands. Cold, dry air is not the primary cause of dry skin.

Studies have indicated that a diet deficient in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and water can also contribute to dry skin, albeit it is not a quick fix.



How to make your hands soft

1. warm water hand soak to remove dead skin

To make your rough hands smooth, you can soak your hands in warm water for about 5 minutes daily and use a gentle exfoliator to exfoliate your hands weekly. If your hands are dry, you can choose a granular scrub with sugar to exfoliate and moisturize your hands while removing dead skin.

2. squeeze the joints, fingers more slender

A daily massage for the hands can relax the skin of the hands, if in conjunction with a moisturizing effect of skin care oil, then the palms of the hands, the back of the hands to rub, press and other ways to push the skin of the hands, more relaxing effect of the hands. Then with one hand index and middle finger joints, gently hold the other hand fingers, from the root to the fingertips of the finger massage tour, especially in the joints more massage, so that the joints more relaxed. This massage method can prevent the joints from getting bigger and make the fingers more slender.

3. hands also need a mask

Hand mask maintenance has long been nothing new. After thoroughly cleaning the skin and removing aging keratin from the hands every week, you can do a hand mask maintenance for your hands to let double the nutrients to be absorbed, the hand mask use time should not be too long, 10-15 minutes can be, after using the hand mask can be massaged to promote the absorption of nutrients. Note that after doing the hand mask care hurry up and apply the nourishing effect powerful hand cream, do not do housework again, give the hand skin proper rest time is also an important factor to make it more beautiful.



How to Make a Hand Mask at Home

Hand masks like this moisturizing DIY hand mask provide a deep conditioning treatment to soften dry cracked skin. Made with natural, gentle ingredients, this hand mask is simple to make and very nourishing for the skin.

1: homemade peanut butter beauty hand cream

Materials needed: two spoons of peanut butter

Practice: after the skin of the hands thoroughly clean, the prepared peanut butter applied to the skin of the hands, of course, in addition to the hands, knees and elbows, which are more prone to rough parts can also be smeared, keep about 15 minutes, and then wash with water on it.

Effect: Peanut butter is rich in protein and fatty acids, not only whitening and moisturizing the skin, but also softening the dry and scaly skin, making the hand skin more delicate.

2: yogurt moisturizing hand mask

Materials needed: one cup of plain milk

Directions: Apply the yogurt directly on the back of the hands and fingers, apply it evenly and keep it for 15 minutes, and finally wash it off with warm water.

Effect: Yogurt is rich in protein and high job and a variety of vitamins, used for hands, not only can make hands become soft and moist, but also improve the dry and dull situation, so that the hands are more white.


3: Lemon Granulated Sugar Hand Whitening Scrub

Ingredients needed: 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon sugar

Directions: Wash and peel the lemon, cut it into small pieces and put it into a juicer to extract the juice, then add the prepared sugar and massage your hands for 2 minutes, and finally rinse off with warm water.

Effect: lemon is a great material for beauty and skin care, lemon juice added to the right amount of sugar, not only can remove the old waste keratin, but also make your hand skin become white and tender, hand care effect is very good.

4: egg white wrinkle-free hand mask

Materials needed: 1 egg white, milk, honey, appropriate amount

Practice: take a clean container, pour all the two into a full mix and stir well. After cleaning the skin of your hands, apply it to the skin of your hands and keep it for 15 minutes, then finally wash it off with warm water.

Effect: Egg white has the effect of skin tightening, adding milk and honey can increase the effectiveness of nourishing skin, so this egg white hand mask can not only whiten and moisturize hand skin, but also remove hand fine lines, firm hand skin