Sleeping masks are a skin care category that has been gaining popularity in recent years, and many brands have launched sleeping mask products one after another. The difference between the regular mask products, sleep masks are much simpler to use, applied to the face as convenient as cream, without special attention to skin care time, there are many people will be it as ordinary skin care products overnight use.

However, the evaluation of sleep masks has always been polarized. Some people think that sleep masks and cream products are almost the same, not worth getting; there are many people think that the skin care effect of sleep masks is very limited, not as good as the use of patch-type masks.

What exactly is a sleeping mask? How about the skin care effect?


What is a sleeping mask

Many people’s understanding of the sleep mask, is to sleep when you can put on the mask. We know that the patch mask is a paste time limit, the use of too long, the essence of dry, film cloth will be tight on the face; wash mask ditto, need to be applied after a certain period of time to rinse clean, both masks are not able to use overnight.

Night is the golden period of skin repair, the damage that the skin suffers during the day is needed to heal through the whole night time. Although in the evening skincare, we will use essence, cream products, but the mask compared to the effectiveness of these skincare products, it covers the surface of the skin, promote the effectiveness of the absorption of ingredients stronger, the immediate skincare effect is very obvious. To continue to nourish the skin at night, the sleep mask was born.



Sleeping mask effect

Sleeping mask works in the same way as other mask products, applied to the skin surface to create a closed environment, the skin is separated from the outside air.

Skin in this closed environment, epidermal temperature, skin contact mask in the water, after a long time soaked, the stratum corneum water content increased significantly, the stratum corneum water and the role of the barrier defense is reduced, the mask in the efficacy of the ingredients more able to penetrate into the skin to play.

Unlike tablets and conventional applicator masks, sleeping masks need a film-forming agent as a base in order to create a closed environment. In this way, the sleeping mask is applied on the surface of the skin to form a layer of stable and closed “film wall” to achieve the purpose of promoting the absorption of effective ingredients.

In addition, the effect of the use of sleep masks and the efficacy of the ingredients are inseparable, excellent efficacy of the ingredients in this closed environment, in order to play an effective skin care role.

How is it different from creams

Sleeping masks and creams work similarly, both are covered on the surface of the skin to form a closed environment, to play the role of continuous nourishment of the skin, so the two products are not the same concept of skin care products? Sleeping masks and creams, there are still relatively obvious differences. The mask is applied to the surface of the skin, generally through the formulation of the oil component to achieve a closed effect; while the sleep mask is more dependent on the role of film-forming agents.

In terms of the use effect alone, apply a layer of sleep mask overnight than apply a layer of cream overnight, the skin moisturizing effect is better, the next day almost will not appear dry skin situation. This is also the reason why many people will choose to apply a sleeping mask overnight in the fall and winter.

Can I use a sleeping mask every day?

The answer is no. Sleeping masks are well moisturized because they are applied to the surface of the skin in an enclosed manner, but this enclosed nature is different from masks, and lotion products. The stratum corneum is in this closed environment for a long time, which can easily cause over hydration of the skin.

Sleeping masks play a role in promoting the absorption of efficacious ingredients, on the one hand, through the skin temperature effect, on the other hand, through the skin barrier protection function to reduce the effect. Over-reliance on the role of sleep masks, the skin barrier function is low, the skin is prone to more adverse reactions instead. The use of sleep masks, 2-3 times a week can be, do not overdose.


Sleeping Mask Usage

Using a sleeping mask is very easy, you can choose to apply it directly after cleansing your face or after using an essence. The amount of sleeping mask does not need to be too much, a light layer can be smoothed on the facial skin. After applying the sleeping mask, there is no need to massage and rub the mask to form a film without sticky hands. Many people have doubts about whether or not to wash the sleeping mask after applying it. Although most of the sleep masks can be free to wash overnight, but for the skin barrier function is weak, skin susceptible to sensitive people, sleep mask or do not use overnight, apply 30 minutes to clean, and then apply a layer of lotion or cream skin care safer


Is it available in the morning and evening?

The best time to use a sleeping mask is during the evening skincare. Our skin is more active and oily during the daytime. If you apply a sleeping mask, it is easy to rub mud and the skin care effect is not very good. In the evening, the skin moves less and the sleeping mask is more efficient as the film formation is completed. We can use efficacious essence products before applying the sleeping mask to achieve better skin care effect.


Thin application? Thick application?

The difference between a sleeping mask and a normal application mask lies in the film-forming agent in the formula. A sleeping mask can be applied in the same amount as a cream. Apply a thin layer on your face and leave it on for 3-5 minutes, after the mask has formed a film, the skin will feel a little smooth. If you apply the mask like a general, thick on the face, but will feel the skin is particularly stuffy, the film will also be affected, the situation of rubbing mud sticky quilt, and it is easy to smother out fat particles and closed mouth.