Now in life many people like to use serum to skin care, serum is a small molecule, nutrients concentration of skin care products, belong to a variety of skin care products in a relatively effective, with its strong nourishing ability to improve the skin condition of people of all ages and skin types. But most people have some misconceptions when it comes to using serums, and improper usage not only wastes precious serums, but also causes hidden skin problems. The next step is to tell you about the misconceptions and how to deal with them!


1. Serum can not be directly on the face

Many people will think that a product with a high nutrient content such as a serum does not need to be used in combination with other skin care products. So you can use it directly after your daily cleansing or after applying a mask, but this is actually a no-no. The actual fact is that the essence of the nutrient concentration is relatively high, so directly on the face, it is easy to stimulate the skin and even destroy the skin barrier, especially sensitive muscle to do so old may cause skin sensitivity.

After cleaning the skin in a short time in the state of water loss, the skin absorption efficiency is not high. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things.

The highly active ingredients in the essence directly contact the clean skin, for sensitive skin types may also cause irritation, but lead to skin redness and itchiness and other discomfort. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use a toner after washing your face and then a serum. Of course, if an essence can achieve a water-like texture and your skin condition is stable enough, then it is possible to use the essence directly after washing your face while it is still moist.



2. The amount of essence should be moderate

Many people use essence either worry about nutrition too much, or worry about the skin feeling too thick, so a very small amount of essence, only wet the surface of the skin, in fact, does not play the application of skin care role. But the use of essence is not the more the better, because the excess nutrients left on the surface of the skin will not be absorbed by the skin, but will be counterproductive to cause skin burden.

In general, a single dose of essence in a dropper or 1-2 pumps is appropriate. For example, for whitening and A-alcohol extracts, the dosage can be reduced at the beginning of use to help the skin build up tolerance, and after the skin tolerance is built up, the full amount should be used to have an effect.

If you are worried about using the essence after the skin is too nutritious or thick skin feeling and acne, growth of closed mouth, only means that this type of essence is not suitable for your skin state, need to replace other skin care products.


3. Apply the serum correctly

Step 1: Rub your palm to warm it up
This step of essence is actually the same as many creams that need to be emulsified, it needs to be rubbed hot in the palm first before applying to the face. This step can also be called emulsifying the essence, which allows the nutrients and small molecules of the essence to be emulsified by the temperature of the palm and then quickly absorbed by the skin of the face.

Step 2: Patting the face without applying the face
The second step is the key technique of using essence, many people always put it on their face when using essence. In fact, this technique is not right, we need to use the essence of the time, with the pat face coated face, and the direction of the pat face is also a matter of concern.

From the bottom up, gently pat the essence on the face, the patting technique can let the skin accelerate the absorption of the essence, haphazardly applied, will only let the essence in the skin and palms of friction back and forth volatilized just.

Step 3: Lifting massage
Re-using the essence is actually a very good face spa session. In this session, all we have to do is to do a good job of face massage with the time, try to use your hands from bottom to top to start lifting massage. This way by compressing in the absorption of the essence at the same time can also achieve the role of lifting and tightening.

This is also one of the reasons why many people say that after using anti-aging serum, the face is still very collapsed. Because your technique is not used right, from top to bottom will only accelerate the sagging of the skin.


Step 4: Focus on the application
The key position of our face is especially the most prominent with the nose, because the nose this place it belongs to the edge of the corner area. Whether in skin care or in makeup, it is always easy to ignore it, especially if it is not properly cared for, we are extremely prone to jamming and other phenomena when applying makeup.

So when we apply the essence, we must not let go of this position of the nose, and bring the sides of the nose to apply gently. Let the serum be fully absorbed by the nose and make sure that the skin on both sides of your nose is already in a moisturized state.

Step 5: Press all over the face
The last step is that after we pat all the essence, finally start to use your hands to gently press on our face and start to press the essence, the full face press will accelerate the last part of the essence absorption, but also to make the face become very moist. The temperature of the palm will also make the pores of the face open and absorb the essence faster, and the warm palm will also accelerate the blood circulation of the face skin, which will have unexpectedly good effects on our skin.

Finally, when we use the essence, we should never apply it hard. This will destroy the serum skin feel, some even serum after use will appear rubbing mud phenomenon, this is also may you use too much, or you do not apply well. The only way to get the best out of this highly concentrated skin nutrition product is to use the serum correctly.