Skin care products are the products that every girl who loves beauty will use every morning and evening. After young girls wash their faces, they can ensure basic moisturizing and moisturizing. For girls aged about 20, there is no need to use too many expensive skin care products.

However, once a woman reaches the age of 40, the skin will lack WATER more AND more, and collagen will gradually lose with time. At this time, it is recommended that women above 40 years old should not save these 3 “skin care products” conditionally, so that they can be younger.

1. The most important step that cannot be ignored: cream

In the whole set of skin care steps, the most indispensable is the cream.

The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. This feeling is right. Because toner is volatile, the skin can only absorb part of it, and although essence is good to fix skin problems quickly, it does not form an oily protective film on the surface of the skin like creams do. If you don’t apply cream, your skin will still feel dry very quickly.

So the most important role of cream in the whole skin care process is: to form an oily protective film on the surface of the skin to firmly lock in the moisture and the nutrients in the essence. In addition, creams also help to block undesirable substances from the outside environment and keep them from irritating the skin. Different creams also have additional benefits depending on their ingredients, such as repairing small lines on the skin, improving the texture of the skin’s surface, evening out skin tone, removing yellowing and whitening, etc.

The 2 most frequently asked questions about creams.

1. Is there a difference between a cream and a lotion?

The answer is that there is a difference. Although creams and lotions have similar steps in skin care, there are differences. Simply put, the function of a lotion is to hydrate and the function of a cream is to lock in water. Therefore, lotion is more suitable for people under 28 years old, while after 28 years old, skin moisture loss accelerates, you must choose creams.

2. There’s a day cream and a night cream. What’s the difference?

Of course not. The purpose of day creams is to isolate and reduce the damage caused by UV rays and some dust (hence the SPF). And we finish the night cream to sleep, so the night cream is generally the main repair skin barrier, nourishing and other effects, some night cream will also add salicylic acid, kojic acid (inhibit melanin generation) and other “shady” components. Exposure to the sun accelerates the metabolism of keratin and thinens the skin.

So, don’t use day cream and night cream upside down!


2. The savior of aging skin: serum

In addition to creams, a step that cannot be skipped after the age of 35 is serums.

The toners and lotions we usually use generally only work on the superficial layer of the skin and do not solve skin problems at a deeper level. The essence belongs to the concentrated products, its molecules are very very small, can penetrate deeper than the toner, and can even penetrate down to the dermis, from the root of the skin muscle repair skin problems. The world’s major skincare brands have spared no effort in research and development, the greatest effort and the best ingredients used in the essence, the essence is often a brand’s masterpiece, so the same brand, the essence of the price is often more expensive than other skincare products.

3. Mask is a maintenance product that women can not live without, especially for people over 40 years old with more dehydrated skin is particularly important, in fact, the basic skin care role of the mask on the market is to moisturize and hydrate. But here it is recommended that around 40 years old mature skin type, when choosing a mask preferably with moisturizing and whitening skin mask, so that the skin can play a double care.

A lot of women around 40 years old will have dull and rough skin, look very old, so whitening mask really can not be missing!