The word “anti-sugar” has become very popular in recent years, and many celebrity models are advocating anti-sugar, so the question is, what exactly is the concept of anti-sugar?

There is a difference between yellowing and whitening in concept, first of all, yellowing is the basis of whitening, and whitening is the follow-up maintenance of yellowing, such as the body’s metabolism, the old is not completely metabolized, and how to newborn it? Only to do a good job to get rid of yellow, so that the skin yellowing, to return to normal skin, and then to whitening, to achieve the effect of whitening. The skin tone of people is mainly determined by the melanin in the skin, the market appeared in many whitening products, such as skin care products, masks, etc., which contain niacinamide, vitamin C and other ingredients to inhibit melanin or hinder the spread of melanin.

The first thing that you need to do is to fight against sugar and oxygen. Earlier, a study found that when the body consumes too much sugar, the high concentration of sugar will be very fast and spread throughout the body of the protein glycation reaction, and in the body, sugar is not only produced such a reaction, and protein reaction after the excess sugar reacts with the collagen in the skin, turned into “collagen yolk”, and we can detect the change in this from the change in terminology


What is sugar

Sugar is one of the seven major nutrients in the human body, and in general, adults should limit their daily intake of sugar to between 25 and 30 grams. Sugar itself is innocent. The culprit that causes skin aging is the glycation reaction.

AGEs are proteins that are inevitably produced and accumulate in serum tissues as we age. At the same time, the damage it causes to human skin is irreversible. At the same time, the accumulation of AGEs leads to an increased risk of many diseases in our body, so then, anti-glycation can be very helpful for our health. When we say anti-glycation, we are actually referring to a glycation reaction, which is a series of reactions between proteins and sugars, in the absence of enzymes, they undergo. The end product of this series of reactions is called AGES, and this component will accumulate in your body for a long time, and then make your skin more and more dull and yellow, will accelerate your aging, and will increase the risk of many diseases in girls, so it must be anti-glycation.

What is glycation?

Glycation is the “glycation” of excess sugar and proteins in the body, producing a brown protein that causes protein fibers to lose elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, acne, dull skin tone, blemishes, and weight gain. And this substance is irreversible.

Excessive sugar intake will lead to skin collagen glycation, glycation of collagen and elastin will lose elasticity and the role of the skin, which is why after a certain age, the skin will sag, which is partly due to glycation leads to sagging skin aging dull, including lines, acne, thick pores these are related to glycation. Excess sugar will be converted into fat in the body, leading to fat, so do not eat sugar or eat less sugar, for weight loss are very good results.

Here we will share with you which dietary habits can help us fight sugar and maintain our blood sugar smoothly, these habits can make you prevent aging as well as make your skin not so dull.

1. Eat less refined sugar, generally we eat dessert drinks inside the sugar is very high, you can easily accidentally eat too much, resulting in your blood sugar spike, so be sure to control the amount you eat, rather than not eat at all. Also tell you that fruit has a very high fructose, so you have to eat properly, do not eat too much, and do not rely on fruit to lose weight, you must eat carbohydrates!

2. Moderate amount of coarse brown rice whole grains instead of refined rice and pasta, low GI food is good for slowing down the rise of blood sugar. The higher the GI value, the faster you eat the thing, the faster the blood sugar spike, the faster the blood sugar spike, it is easy for us to glycation reaction will be more serious, so the important part of the anti-sugar is to properly eat some low GI The most important part of the anti-sugar is to eat some low GI food, a part of your refined rice and pasta, replaced by some coarse grains, whole grains, brown rice, these are very good against sugar.

3. In their daily diet to add some balanced blood sugar food. For example, white kidney bean extract, white kidney bean extract contains alpha amylase inhibitors, which can block the absorption of carbohydrates. What do you mean by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates, is that you eat three bowls of rice, but you only absorb one bowl of rice, can you understand what this means? So it’s actually a little bit like a diet, this it does have some effect, and then I only recommend that you use this if you eat too much

4. Exercise to accelerate blood sugar metabolism. Exercise is the most direct way to quickly lower your blood sugar. For example, you eat a lot of desserts, drinks, and then your blood sugar is difficult to come down at once, you can accelerate your blood sugar metabolism through exercise, in addition to our body’s glycation reaction, we will also be ingesting a lot of food with AGES, these foods, it will be hoarded in your body, it is difficult to be metabolized.

5. Reduce high-temperature cooking (frying and baking) food, before using the steam, boiled way is more conducive to anti-sugar. General high-temperature food, its AGES content is very high, the better way to cook is to use some steamed or boiled in this way, the AGES content is lower, so this is a dietary habits we should pay attention to.