We spend many hours throughout our lives applying masks, serums, and moisturizers on our faces. But if you turn just a little bit south, it’s a completely other scenario. Although we usually forget about our necks when it comes to skincare, they (quite literally) suffer the same external aggressors as our faces (pollution and UV damage) and also present their own distinct set of problems.

We consulted the experts to determine whether we should treat our necks with the same care as our faces because they are typically exposed every day (unless they are covered by a scarf or roll neck in the winter). Here is the essential information from experts.

There are 3 main principles that produce neck lines.

1. the sagging aging of the skin caused by insufficient cellular activity and atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue as we grow older.

2. long-term poor posture caused by fine lines: such as pillows too high, sedentary, long-term low head, etc..

3. neck skin care is not timely. According to the survey, only 8% of people know how to take care of their neck, 22% of people will put skin care products on their neck by the way when they take care of their face, and 70% of people have no awareness of neck care.


Is neck cream really necessary?

It is necessary because the color difference between face and neck will be reflected on the neck. Applying a lot of foundation, not carefully and properly removing makeup, and then applying maintenance products will cause the skin on the neck to become rougher and rougher. Neck creams are cheaper than face creams and generally have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, so the correct use can tighten the skin and achieve the effect of replenishing the moisture of the neck.

Regular use of neck creams can slow down the aging of the skin and make the skin on the neck, which has been dehydrated for a long time, more elastic. The neck cream is actually the same as the role of the face cream, are able to achieve the role of skin protection, neck cream use for any skin type is applicable, do not worry about their skin skin texture, use the face cream is different, if it is sensitive skin, must be sensitive skin test, before you can use on the face.

Neck cream generally contains a lot of hydrating and nourishing ingredients, suitable for neck skin to use, if the serious dehydrated skin using neck cream, I believe that within a week’s time there will be significant improvements, generally use once a day can be, do not need too frequent. The actual neck is usually a good idea to use it 4~5 times a week, and with the neck film massage will be able to play a good role.

Can face cream replace neck cream?

The face cream is not able to replace the neck cream, so it is necessary to buy a bottle of neck cream to use on the neck, skin maintenance care have individual skin care products to maintenance, the face cream as a neck cream to use is a wrong approach, face cream can moisturize nourishment, but the thickness of the neck skin is only 2/3 of the face, and collagen is less, cell metabolism is not good enough, the neck not only need moisturizing more It is necessary to anti-wrinkle, tighten sunscreen to reduce the loss of water these.



Neck care tips

Today we will share with you a few tips for neck care that are easily overlooked by everyone

1, do not forget the neck when cleaning the face

Every day we all wash our faces, in the morning and at night, but what about your neck? The neck also needs cleaning ah! Trouble when you wash your face, can be slightly extended down a section, so that your neck clean in place, so that the absorption of the subsequent nutrition for the neck is also very necessary!

2, neck as well as sunscreen

The sunscreen homework is not good, easy to grow spots, easy to grow wrinkles. The neck is also the same reason, and the neck skin is more fragile and sensitive, more need to strictly sunscreen!

3, massage massage can not be missing

Especially the lymph is located in the neck, so the daily neck massage detoxification is very important! Massage techniques are correct not only to promote blood circulation, but also to prevent the generation of neck lines!