There are two main reasons for excess oil:
One is that you may be born with more oil, part of the oil can not be emulsified into synthetic sebum film. Another situation is that there may be no change in how much oil your skin gives, but short-term skin health problems, resulting in part of the sebum, can not be due to normal metabolism emulsification into sebum film. So most people will appear before not oil, at some stage suddenly become very oil. So why summer a lot of people give oil to be met more? Its main reason is high summer temperature, bringing about sebum fluidity enhancement. Sebum fluidity is vital when the temperature rises. So the face feels to be able to feel very oil and unavoidable can feel on the face sticky.
So, to sum up, there may be more oil in the skin for the following reasons:

1 Genetically programmed to produce more oil all the time than others;

2 Environmental changes, temperature rise, leads to increased sebum fluidity, the skin will feel more easily oil;

3 Skin health problems lead to normal sebum that can not be emulsified into sebum film; skin oil is just a symptom.

Then let’s talk about how to solve the oil problem. The correct way to solve the problem of excessive oil can start from the following three aspects:
Can moderate oil control:
Many people think that using all kinds of toner is oil control. But in fact, the amount of oil controlled is the composition. For example, common ingredients such as alcohol and witch hazel extract stimulate short-term skin contractions and provide a temporary feeling of clarity. But from the long-term effect, or recommended to choose to contain retinol, nicotinamide, and other oil control, anti-fat overflow components. In addition, acid components such as fruit acid and salicylic acid can also accelerate skin keratin metabolism, help dissolve the corner plug blocking pores, improve pore blocking problems, and prevent blackheads and acne problems.
Don’t neglect moisturizing:
Many people say oil is the first thing to think of water. Old friends should know I’ve said it many times: whether you’re dry or oily, there’s no need to be obsessed with “hydrating.” “Hydrating” doesn’t solve the problem. What works is moisturizing. When moisturizing a lot of oil, the skin will be very repellent, constantly worried about clogging pores and acne. The skin has a particular self-regulation ability, and when the skin becomes less moisturizing, it produces a stress response that causes the skin to secrete more oil.
Conversely, if you moisturize your skin with a moisturizer, it will signal to your skin that it’s hydrated enough and doesn’t need to produce more oil. Therefore, skin also needs moisture. So when oil is present, moisturize appropriately. Before, I also had some friends’ feedback that I was a significant oil skin, but after using face cream at night, I got up the following day and produced less oil.
As for product choice, you can choose the product with less fat and less oily gloss. But, of course, if you are used to using a variety of very light and light texture products, you may need to change your product habits first. Just because it feels fresh doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Using physical methods to “absorb oil”:
In addition to moisturizing and controlling oil, you can also use physical “oil absorption” methods, such as oil absorption paper and powder. Oil-loving partners can use powder oil control reduce the skin surface’s greasy feeling. In addition, there is always oil absorption paper in the bag, which is also an effective way to suck oil. Loose powder is also a good choice. The main component of powder is talcum powder, mica, and other absorbent components, mainly through these components absorb excess oil on the skin surface.

Proper cleaning:
 For oily secretion of exuberant skin character, the choice of too mild cleansing products is not meet the cleaning needs. Facial cleansing can choose compound surface-active agent products for night cleaning skincare or pure amino acid surface-active facial cleansing during the day. Please note that solid cleaning products, such as some men’s special cleansing, cleansing soap, etc., are too strong. Long-term use will cause skin cuticle damage, may lead to abnormal skin oil secretion, and the number of oil increases instead. So this kind of cleaning product also needs to be used carefully. Regular deep cleaning is one of the effective ways to clean up the accumulation of old waste horniness and oil on the skin’s surface. You can use a mud mask to absorb oil quickly and control the oil skin care effect.

Appropriate oil is a good thing; grease itself is the skin’s natural protective layer, but what things are exquisite degree. However, too much oil on the skin not only looks dark and yellow but not good color; the key also quickly leads to blackheads, pores, and even acne and other problems. So oil control has become a summer course for each oil skin and mixed oil skin.