Reddit is where the majority of today’s popular beauty words originated, and “Moisture Sandwich” is no exception. The CEO and co-founder of Dieux Skin, Charlotte Palermino, originally used the phrase on her Instagram feed when she opted to walk viewers through the procedure.

If you’re obsessed with skincare, you understand what we’re talking about! The first step to having supple skin is to moisturize. So simple, huh? And to take this fundamental building block one step further, a brand-new skincare craze has taken the beauty industry by storm. The skincare routines of many beauty gurus already include this new trend, which is known as “moisture sandwiching,” to eliminate the uncertainty.

As you can guess, “Moisture Sandwich” refers to layering skincare items so that hydration is sealed in. “Moisture Sandwich” is related to “trapping water in the skin and minimizing transepidermal water loss,” according to Charlotte Palermino.  This technique is a must-try if you have dry skin or are dealing with dry patches due to harsh cold weather.

What Is A Moisture Sandwich?

The key to using this strategy is to layer moisturizing items correctly. In turn, this aids in maintaining the moisture barrier on your skin, giving it a silky appearance. It succeeds! The moisture sandwiching technique includes applying lighter, water-like items to damp skin before covering them with something thicker. Our skin retains moisture for a longer period of time as a result of this procedure, appearing smooth and bright like a firefly party!

In her Instagram video, Palermino shows how she applies the moisture-sandwich method to her face and lips. The technique slightly differs for each area.

For your face: “Some people suffer from acne, in which case you should exercise caution while using any rich creams because they can worsen breakouts. Vaseline may become your new favorite overnight mask if you have dry skin “she claims.

For your lips:Palermino advises wetting your mouth with tap water, using a light moisturizer first, then a thick balm. “You increase the moisturizer’s chance of penetration by wetting your mouth. It allows the formula’s humectants—water-loving compounds like glycerin—more to cling to. You’re giving your tongue a chance to recover and absorb all that water by applying something truly “occlusive” (or an ingredient that decreases evaporation of water) “She clarifies.

Her main piece of advice is to always apply moisturizer to skin that has been been misted with water or washed with tap water. I apply moisturizer from here, she says. It depends on your skin type and climate, but if you have dry skin, you might apply a face oil and then something more akin to a balm.

Moisture Sandwich Step By Step 

Both the face and the lips can be treated with the “Moisture Sandwich” technique, although each requires a slightly different strategy. A typical rule is that you should dampen the area first before treating it.


1. Dampen the skin with tap water on a cotton pad or a face spray after cleansing. You can also apply 1-2 drops of your moisturizing cream or essence.

2. Put some serum on.

3. Reapply your mist or use one or two drops of a moisturizing lotion or essence.

4. Use delicate motions to apply a facial oil.

5: Follow up with a face spray or moisturizing cream.

6: Use your preferred face cream or a balm-like product to lock in the moisture in your skin.

Apply a small amount of vaseline to extremely dry skin and leave it on overnight, as recommended by Charlotte Palermino, to use as a night mask. Be aware that Vaseline should be avoided if you have acne-prone skin because it can trap sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria that cause breakouts. Instead, use other treatments.


1. Use tap water to wet your lips.

2. Apply a light layer of moisturizer. Just make sure it covers the full surface of the lips. You can get the moisturizer to permeate your lips by lightly wetting them. Glycerin and other chemicals that prefer water can now spend more time in the skin’s deeper layers thanks to this method.

3. Utilize lip balm. It completely absorbs the liquid and keeps the lips moisturized for hours. Hydrated, glossy, and bigger lips are the end result.

The Benefits

The “Moisture Sandwich” method can completely alter skin that is dry or dehydrated. Correctly using skincare products can greatly enhance the amount of water that is trapped in the skin’s deeper layers, ensuring that the skin is kept hydrated and soft for an extended period of time.

You aid all the products’ penetration by softly wetting your skin with tap water before applying your moisturizer. In the end, your skin has a distinct glow and looks and feels well hydrated and healthy.

You can start your makeup regimen when you’ve finished your face sandwich. Applying a highlighter will give your complexion even more brightness.

Is there anyone that should avoid ‘moisture sandwiching’?

In general, it’s a relatively safe technique, but you shouldn’t use it with anything that irritates your skin, such as retinol treatments, since it can intensify the effects. If your skin is oily as well, proceed with caution because anything that amplifies the benefits of your moisturizer could be too strong.