In everyone’s impression, salt has always been used to eat, but salt actually has more other uses, such as physiological saline is still a good helper to directly relieve the symptoms of rhinitis! Don’t think that salt can only eat, use it to rub on the body, the effect is so good!

What is the salt beauty method?

Salt beauty method is a kind of beauty method that Japanese women are more popular. The use of salt beauty, can remove the pores of the face skin in the accumulation of oil, acne in the appearance of “blackheads” and skin surface keratin and dirt.

How effective is the salt beauty method

Bath salts are one of the newest beauty trends in the world because of their ability to eliminate fatigue and provide beauty benefits. The method of use is also very simple: add some bath salts to the hot water in the bathtub to achieve satisfactory beauty and skin care effects. Recently, the “salt beauty method” has also become popular in Japan. The lady who tried this beauty method said, “It not only eliminated the keratin and dirt on the surface of my skin, but also removed the blackheads that were exposed on the surface of the original face acne.” According to reports, the average person after a week or so of salt beauty. It can make the face present a fresh, transparent and bright feeling. A magazine, after investigation and proof, to introduce people to the specific steps and methods of this salt beauty: after washing the face, put a small spoon of salt in the center of the left palm, add 3-5 drops of water, and then carefully stir the salt and water with the fingertips of the right index finger and middle finger, and then dip the salt water from the forehead from top to bottom wipe, wipe while doing circular friction. After a few minutes, when the face of the salt water dries to a white powder, and then coated with a layer of nutrient solution. This beauty treatment is usually done once a day in the morning and once a day in the evening. If you want to use this method to wash the dirt in the skin of the whole body and enhance the vitality of the skin of the whole body, you can add the right amount of warm water with the right amount of fine salt after the bath, according to the order of the two elbows, then the size of the legs, then the chest, abdomen, back, the salt water wipe the whole body after repeatedly rinsing until clean.


After washing your face, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water, then carefully mix the salt and water with your fingers, then dip the salt water from the forehead and apply it from top to bottom, while doing a circular massage. After a few minutes, when the salt water on the face dries to a white powder, wash the face with water and then apply a layer of nutrient solution. Usually do this once a day in the morning and once a day in the evening. If you want to use this method to clean the skin of the whole body, you can use the right amount of fine salt with warm water to apply to the whole body after bathing and massage, and then rinse with warm water repeatedly until clean after the salt water dries. Note: Use with caution on sensitive skin and skin around the eyes.


Apply fine salt for saline beauty. For oily skin, use salt and water alone; for dry skin, use a spoonful of water-soluble or weak oil massage cream, add half a spoonful of fine salt and water mix, note that the salt water should not be applied around the eyes to avoid hurting the conjunctiva.

Other uses of table salt

Add some salt when washing your hair – it can prevent hair loss

It is annoying to lose hair all the time. Why not add some salt when washing your hair to get relief. Add 15 grams of table salt to 1500 ml of warm water, stir well and shampoo your hair once or twice a week. Chinese medicine has long used salt as a heat detoxification, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory topical medicine, its deep cleansing, antiseptic detoxification, Shu Jing blood, convergence of sebaceous glands is very helpful for hair loss.


-Add some salt to the foot wash water – can get rid of foot odor

Many people have foot problems, coated with a lot of ointment also did not get better. In fact, you may wish to add some salt when washing your feet, you can also use salt to rub on your feet. Salt itself has a bactericidal and antibacterial effect, which can prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and prevent foot odor. In addition, with foot odor feet will itch, after scratching and peeling and fissures, foot wash water can also add some salt, can play a protective role on the rupture.

-Wash the nasal cavity with salt water – to relieve rhinitis

Many people have the problem of rhinitis, washing the nasal passages with salt water can relieve rhinitis. It is best to use cold water when washing the nose, cold water can improve the resistance of the nose to the outside world, while washing with salt water can also play a better role in sterilization, remove excessive nasal secretions, reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria, provide the appropriate humidity and temperature.

Prepared with water and salt in the proportion of 0.9% of its salt content. The method is also very simple, when washing your face, hold the water with both hands to one nostril, after inhalation, part of the water will enter the mouth by the back nostril, and then spit out by the mouth. Or gently breathe in through the nose and then exhale.

-Add a pinch of salt to the gargle cup – to relieve a sore throat

If you have a cold and a sore throat, you can add salt to the gargle cup and gargle with light salt water. Salt water can play a role in reducing inflammation and swelling, which will help to relieve sore throat. Likewise, if you have a mouth ulcer, you can also add some salt when gargling, which can play a role in sterilization and wound protection.

-Add a pinch of salt when rubbing your back – smoother skin

For those who have bumps on the back, you can gradually alleviate this problem by rubbing fine salt on your back in the morning bath. Rinse your back fully with hot water to open up the pores, then apply fine salt to your back and gently scrub with a bath brush to move the salt more evenly between the skin. After rinsing with clean water you can see the acne on your back smooth out!