Creams are one of the most common skin care products that can be used by both men and women, young and old. The most common use of cream is to apply it directly, but did you know that? There is also a way to deeply nourish the skin that is “thick coating”, that is, the cream as a mask coated, today I will share my skin changes for 3 days.

The change in the skin of three days of thick coating of the cream

What kind of situation will you use the mask? It should be when the skin is very dehydrated or the skin condition is bad, the mask can focus on the skin hydration to bring soothing and moisturizing effect, the use of thick coated cream is actually the same as the mask. The other day I went out to play and my skin was sunburnt all day, after washing my face my skin was dehydrated and dry, so I took out the cream and applied it thickly.

The first day, I applied the cream thickly on my face after washing my face, and when I first put it on my face, my skin had a refreshingly cool feeling. It was a bit greasy because the cream would be more oily than a normal mask. The usage was similar on the second and third day, except that the latter two days I got used to this state and didn’t feel greasy anymore.

After applying the cream thickly for three consecutive days, I felt that my skin was in a much better condition. I feel that the cream is more gentle than the mask, and the thickly applied cream is actually a bit like a smear mask, just wash it off with water after application. I basically stick to thick application two to three times a week now, and my skin condition is getting better and better.

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Moisturizing and brightening creams?

Why is it advisable for women in their 50s to try thicker creams? After a woman turns 50, the oiliness of her skin will decrease, her skin will be dehydrated and dry, and she will also be dull and lack of luster. We can choose a cream that is both moisturizing and brightening to apply thickly, which is actually the same as applying a mask that can help hydrate the skin in a short period of time.

We all know that the basic role of creams is hydration and moisturizing, and for us 50-year-old women, these basic roles are no longer enough to meet the needs of the skin, this age we should focus more on nourishing and brightening the skin. Just like our choice of mask, many people will choose some moisturizing and whitening mask.


Different creams have different textures, some particularly thick creams are not spread on the face, and the oiliness is very strong, this type of cream is not suitable for thick coating, but also may smother acne.

Although the thick coating cream is very good for the skin, but this is like doing a mask, do not need to do every day for a week, adhere to two or three times can be, most of the cream use method or direct application is the main. You can apply Chunjuan Astragalus Cream in the morning after you get up and wash your face, and then apply makeup afterwards for a more moisturized skin. You also need to apply the cream at night before going to bed to bring adequate nourishment to the skin that has experienced a day of environmental changes.

For women around 50 years old, creams should not only moisturize and hydrate, but brighten and nourish are even more important. Choose a cream that is comfortable for you to use and good for your skin.


Cream Mask & How to do it

-Apply a thick layer of cream on your face until it turns white while your face is well hydrated after washing. The thickness is roughly around 2mm.

-Dip a large 8 x 16 cm cotton pad in pure water and gently squeeze out the excess water. Then sprinkle a dollar coin amount of lotion on it.

-Open the cotton pad at the mouth and nose, starting from the edge under the eyes, and stick it all over the lower part of the face.

-Place another cotton pad over the eyes and stick it on the half of the face. Stick the lower side of the eyes in a double layer.

-Place the shower cap over the face and open the ventilation holes. After 20 minutes, apply the remaining cream on your face and go to bed.

Apply the mask skills, quickly see if you apply the right

the mask is not expensive, expensive in persistence. You don’t need to put on a very expensive mask every day, it is expensive to insist. I live in the north, dry skin, basically to a week at least three or four times a mask

the moisturizing mask is always preferred. The first thing you need to do is to intersperse them according to your needs.

wipe with toner after the mask to help the essence stay on the face. It is recommended that the mask stays on the face for about 20 minutes, and after applying it, do not wash it with water, but wipe it with toner to help the essence stay on the face.

it is best to do the mask before going to bed, the skin can be absorbed to the maximum extent. After removing the mask, with the palm of your hand to pat half a minute to help the skin better absorption.


after staying up late and working overtime to do wake up mask, instantly restore the glow, immediate results.

try not to use homemade masks.

do the eye mask, at least seven days. When you work late or party late into the night, eyes began to appear small fine lines, eye bags up, do eye mask at least seven consecutive days, otherwise it is difficult to have an effect.

a bit of oil cream, soak in the bath when the thick coating can be a temporary mask. If you have the habit of bathing, you can use a bit of oil cream as a temporary mask, a thick layer on the face, after the bath, the mirror you will have the elegance of the hibiscus.

the essential oil is a good helper mask, put a few drops in the hands before the mask cover a muffle, in the press on the face, the mask absorption is very helpful.

skin allergies to be careful with the mask. Everyone has different degrees of allergies and causes, so listen to your skin doctor’s advice. I would choose the kind of cold compress mask, or spray the usual spray on the mask paper on the face to help reduce redness and swelling

These masking tips will make your skin better and better, are you sticking to them?