Apply loose powder directly after applying lotion?
Yes, you can. However, as a rule, loose powder has a weak coverage effect and is mainly used after foundation or swept up with a sizeable, flexible powder brush at the end to set the makeup and make it last longer. Loose powder has the effect of absorbing excess oil from the face, so if you don’t want your skin to look too oily, use a flexible powder brush to apply a thin layer of loose powder. If you want to protect your skin from the sun, apply sunscreen after primary skincare and then loose powder. Loose powder is the last step in the whole makeup routine. Loose powder generally contains fine talcum powder, which absorbs excess oil on the face and reduces facial shine. It can adjust skin tone, make makeup more lasting, smooth and detailed, and prevent makeup from coming off. The last step of the makeup, brush the powder, which means the makeup is complete. In addition, the loose powder also covers up the blemishes on the face, making the makeup look softer, especially for daily life makeup. Therefore, the procedure of using loose powder to set the makeup is indispensable to make the makeup delicate and long-lasting. In addition, loose powder has another interpretation on the Internet, meaning scattered “fans”. When selecting a loose powder, use the puff to rub the powder on the back of the hand. If the phenomenon of floating powder does not fit well with the skin, the effect of setting the makeup is not very good. You can also take a little bit of loose powder with your thumb and index finger, pin it, and feel it. If the powder gently slips off in your fingers without remaining in the folds of your fingers, it means it has a delicate, light texture and good powder quality.

Can I use loose powder on my face directly without makeup?
It’s okay to put on sunscreen after primary skincare and then loose powder to relieve the greasy feeling of skin care products, but remember to remove your makeup later because the loose powder is a cosmetic product. If you want to add any steps in the middle, remember that flexible powder fixing is the last step, the sunscreen class should be ranked behind the loose powder. There is a specific oil control effect, the face will be a little less oil, but the loose powder is a makeup class, mainly used to set the makeup and oil control. The powder is used to set the makeup, first with isolation cream, then foundation, blush, and finally with loose powder to set the makeup. The BB cream is now famous and has the effect of isolation cream and foundation after using BB cream with loose powder. Priming and makeup removal are necessary; priming and makeup removal are both for the protection of the skin, priming is to isolate the damage of cosmetics on the skin, makeup removal is to keep cosmetics residue on the skin, how good cosmetics are harmful to the skin, can not let it stay on the skin overnight.
Why we need loose powder?
  • Makeup setting: Since the professional name of loose powder is “setting powder”, the leading role is to set the makeup. Sweeping on the setting powder can fix the makeup; cosmetics will not quickly shift or flake.
  • Smooth texture: When you sweep the powder on your skin, your sense of touch will tell you how smooth and friendly it is.
  • Oil control: Setting powder can absorb the oil on the surface so that the makeup remains shiny and can extend its durability of the makeup.
  • Finishing: When the colour of the makeup is uneven or uncoordinated, the powder plays a finishing role and can neutralize the uneven skin tone.
Three mistakes you may meet when applying loose powder
1. Using a puff to apply
Many girls apply loose powder and choose the puff to apply. It is straightforward to use drag to apply, dipped in a little loose powder, directly on the face. Therefore, when applying three parts, we should choose to use a loose powder brush to apply it. When using the flexible powder brush dipped in the appropriate amount, gently brush a few backs and forth so that the words out very evenly will not reach that, there is a place more another place less situation.
2. not in the correct order when applying
Loose powder must be applied in the correct order; there are many people in the application of loose powder, really all the makeup all done and then used. But at this time, the application of the painting on top of the eye shadow, on top of the eyebrows. So the makeup looks very awkward. And there is also the possibility of causing a floating powder situation. So when applying loose powder, the loose powder must use in the correct order, and when applying it, we have to go after the base makeup to apply the loose powder. This will be an excellent way to make the base makeup and cosmetics blend well.
3. use too white loose powder
There are few girls with dull skin, and they choose a darker-coloured loose powder at this time. But out of applying this too white loose powder, it is easy to make the whole makeup easier to take off. And after the too white loose powder is applied to the face, it will also look extraordinary, and the entire makeup is very awkward. So when choosing a trifle, choose a loose powder that suits you. When choosing one, choose a loose powder similar to your skin tone, and it will look better.