As soon as you stay up late, the next day you will find the obnoxious “waxy skin” on time, you painfully admonish yourself to start adjusting your work and rest, but you can’t help but or forced to fall into the vicious cycle of staying up late.

The best time of day to sleep is from 10pm to 6am, when our bodies reach an optimal metabolic level and we can maintain an optimal mental state.


Under normal circumstances, going to sleep after 12:00 a.m. belongs to staying up late, but from the endocrine point of view, going to sleep after 23:00 a.m. belongs to staying up late. However, if we have been holding back our sleepiness at night when it comes and not sleeping, it is actually considered staying up late. Because the body has sent you a signal to want to rest, but you have been ignoring it, that can really hurt it.

So what remedies should we do to take care of our skin?

Drink more water: Give your body and skin enough water in a timely manner to promote metabolism and effective detoxification.

Wash your face with hot and cold water alternately: first wash once with cold water, then wash with hot water, cycle twice to accelerate facial blood circulation and promote the absorption of subsequent maintenance products.

Apply mask: it is best not to choose a more functional mask, choose the basic hydration is good, because after staying up late our skin is in a more fragile state, functional mask is easy to accelerate the burden on the skin, play a counterproductive role.


Choose yellowing moisturizing class essence: choose yellowing moisturizing class essence, after massage has the effect of driving away skin dullness and brightening skin tone.

This time I have to say “hyaluronic acid” + “niacinamide” the king of the combination of yellowing and whitening!

Let’s talk about “Boswellin” first! For those who pay a little attention to “ingredients” when buying products, you have more or less heard of L’Oreal’s “Boswellin”, no matter what you know what it is and what it is used for, but from the “30% Boswellin “The black bandage is destined to become an “internet sensation”.

It can give the skin a hydrated, firm, elastic, glowing state, really ideal for people with dull and lifeless skin. Of course, different positioning, price point, efficacy of the product, but also to give different age skin more “miracle”, but the basis of them all, can create “full” skin.

The actual niacinamide is actually a multi-faceted person who has a lot to say about oil control and moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging as well as exfoliating.

A lot of studies have shown that 1%-5% niacinamide has a good ability to control oil and lock in water. And around 5% niacinamide can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides, thus refining pores and reducing the frequency of acne and acne. Once the concentration exceeds 5%, then the high concentration of niacinamide can again inhibit the transmission of melanin to the stratum corneum and cut off its transport pathway, which can effectively whiten the skin.

In addition to skin, staying up late can also bring harm to our body. How can we minimize the harm of staying up late?

1. Reasonable sleep replenishment

If you stay up late the night before, the 2nd day must be reasonable to make up for the sleep, at least to make up for the full sleep time. Under normal circumstances, the next person does not have to sleep for 8 hours a day, but to sleep for 7 hours. If the previous night only 6 hours of sleep, then you have to make up an hour of sleep during the day. Many people a make up sleep for several hours, although they can indeed restore their energy, but it will affect the sleep at night, will make it difficult for people to sleep at night, thus falling into the strange circle of staying up late.

2, sleep a little before staying up late

If you have no choice but to stay up late at night, you can decide to stay up late before taking a nap, half an hour is enough, do not sleep too much, otherwise you will sleep more and more tired, wake up will also be very difficult. Sleep half an hour to improve efficiency, to shorten the time to stay up late, but also to reduce the harm caused by staying up late.

3, drink more water

When staying up late, you must drink more water, because staying up late will lead to changes in body rhythms, which can cause water-electrolyte imbalance. So people who often stay up late, the skin will be very dry and fine lines will appear. Stay up late must drink more water, but never drink tea or coffee, decided to stay up a little tonight, or it will affect the next sleep.


4, from time to time to stand up and move around

Stay up late to work must pay attention to never sedentary, not only easy to sleepy, but also harmful to health. Although standing up and moving around will waste time, but it will make people become more awake, but also to improve efficiency, as soon as possible to do the work. The unit itself is sitting all day, and then stay up all night sitting, will bring a lot of health risks to the body.

5, the next day to eat lighter

After staying up late in the second day should eat lighter, do not eat some higher fat content of food, salt intake should also be controlled some. Don’t skip breakfast after staying up late, don’t sleep until noon or afternoon. You can get up to eat a breakfast, activities and then sleep a back to sleep. The body itself is in a state of loss after staying up late, the next day’s diet should pay special attention, not only to replenish sufficient energy for the new day, but also to make up for the loss of the body, the harm of staying up late to a minimum.

6, the next day to use scientific eye

In itself, staying up late and working overtime will make the eyes particularly tired, not to mention people who have been staring at the computer screen. On the second day, do not use your eyes excessively, pay attention to rest, to combine work and rest. You can put some artificial tears to prevent dry eyes. You can use a hot towel on your eyes or heat up your eyes with a heated eye mask to promote blood circulation in the eyes and allow them to relax and rest.

Staying up late is seriously harmful to human health, it is best not to stay up late, but if you have to stay up late, you should find ways to reduce the damage of staying up late. I hope everyone can take care of their own health and not do something that will harm their health. In the case of work or other emergencies, staying up late is understandable, but it is unwise to stay up late for fun.