Why Use Vitmin C Serum?

Why should you look for vitamin C in a serum now that you are aware of some of the advantages of this skin science? We think that in the modern world, we require every nutrient support we can get. especially if we’re discussing the condition of your skin.

Beauty is not just on the surface… The adage is well known to us all. It is accurate here. We may all gain from aiming to live healthy lives that involve a nutritious food, regular exercise, and toxic-free skincare. Using a vitamin C serum allows the skin to absorb the vitamin on a deeper level, delivering all of its benefits to the skin immediately rather than having to wait for them to manifest from the inside out.

With components designed to provide deeper remedies to specific skin conditions, serums bring essential aesthetic benefits to both day and nightly regimes. After washing your face, apply a vitamin C serum before applying regular moisturizer or sunscreen. It includes an additional layer of active compounds that you want to see operate well.

Which vitamin C is best?

Although items may list vitamin C on the front, Corinthian claims that the label on the back is the only way to tell if the product actually contains pure vitamin C. “10% pure vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is present in the Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum. Some goods that list vitamin C as an ingredient may only include a vitamin C derivative, like ascorbyl palmitate. You won’t receive the same level of protection from these versions as you would from pure vitamin C.” The Ordinary’s Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution is a customer favorite because it offers a high concentration of ascorbic acid at a lesser cost.


How can you get the most out of your vitamin C?

Since sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB radiation, Corinthian and Travis advise combining vitamin C with SPF for increased environmental defense. According to Travis, “using both everyday has been found to minimize indications of premature aging.”

How To Use Vitamin C Serum In Your Skincare Routine?

Okay, now that we have a better understanding of the amazing advantages of vitamin C serums, let’s find out how to include them into your product line. Applying products from thinnest to thickest is the fundamental rule for any skincare program. When care for your face, keep in mind to let each product a few seconds to properly seep into your skin.Most women prefer to use vitamin C serum as part of their daytime routine before using sunscreen since it will help you brighten, enhance collagen, and combat pollutants. Continue reading to discover all the right ways to use vitamin C serum.

1. START WITH A CLEAN FACE: Make care to thoroughly clean your face before moving on to the next step. Applying skincare products on an unclean surface that can trap dirt, bacteria, or residual makeup is not something you want to do.

Wash your face using a mild cleanser that is ideal for your skin type. Stay away from your eyes. Rinse well to expose your flawless, naked skin.

2. APPLY YOUR TONER: This step is not required. Use your toner first before applying any other facial serum, oil, or lotion if you’re the sort that uses one (wise choice, in our opinion!). Before using serums or other face care products, toners assist eliminate any extra dirt.

Your pores will be more open after using a toner, making it easier for them to absorb the benefits of a serum. The next step will significantly improve your skin, so make sure you choose a brand with pure ingredients.

3. GRAB YOUR VITAMIN C SERUM (BUT NOT TOO MUCH!): Applying the vitamin C serum to your skin is the crucial next step. Your face is polished, toned, and prepared for some affection. You can’t wait for those vitamin C benefits to hit you square in the face! However, refrain from drenching your face in serum.When it comes to serum, keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way because it’s designed to provide you wonderful active ingredients right away and create a solid foundation for moisturizing products in the following phase.

Additionally, you just paid money for this expensive serum. Enjoy it, but don’t squander it by using a lot of it. This is not a conditioner for hair.

4. APPLY YOUR SERUM LIKE AN EXPERT:  Drop a small, coin-sized amount of vitamin C serum into the palm of your hand. Rub gently between your palms or fingerprints to slightly activate and warm the serum. Then, apply one thin layer all over the face, neck, and décolleté.

5. ALLOW THE SERUM TO SOAK IN FULLY: Before putting on your next product, make sure to give the serum enough time to completely dry. This will enable the serum to penetrate completely and do its magic on your skin.

6. FOLLOW UP WITH MOISTURIZER:  It’s advised to use a moisturizing oil or face cream after applying all of your serums. This will assist lock in the vitamin C serum’s benefits and guarantee that your face stays hydrated and smooth.Vitamin C serum is a must-have for your morning routine before applying makeup. Natural vitamin C serum can be worn under makeup all day long and still provide you with all the benefits you require.

7. IF IT’S DAYTIME, DON’T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN:  If you’re using your vitamin C serum in the morning or daytime, great! Many people prefer this, as it’s protective and safe for daytime use. Be sure to use an SPF sunscreen if you’ll be in contact with the sun, as we all know sun damage will counteract the anti-aging benefits you’re looking for with vitamin C.

Properly Storing Your Vitamin C Serum

Avoid exposing the product to light and air during storing. It is well known that vitamin C in liquid or serum form is an unstable component. This indicates that it can be vulnerable to spoiling if not stored properly.

Keep it in your makeup drawer, makeup bag, or medical cabinet. Make sure the container is airtight. Except when it is packaged in light-safe packaging, avoid keeping it out on a bright bathroom counter.

When To Use Your Vitamin C Serum?

Use your vitamin C supplements as often as you choose. Although some women choose to use it for their evening skincare, daytime use is where we typically see it used. You can use it safely at any time of day or night.

Do not forget to use vitamin C before to any other daily goods. For optimal effects, use a moisturizer, eye cream, or sunscreen after the serum and any other products that include vitamin C.


How do you know if your vitamin C serum is working?

According to Corinthian, it might be time to discard your vitamin C serum if its color changes. He explains that vitamin C loses some of its effectiveness when it is exposed to air and that this affects how well it works on your skin. “A product’s color changes from a vibrant golden hue to one that is more orange-brown when oxidation occurs. That serves as your visual cue that you might not be consuming as much vitamin C as the product claims.” Corinthian claims that rather than the vitamin C itself, you’re likely getting more hydration from other components included in the serum base.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the package your vitamin C serum comes in. According to Corinthian, “Vitamin C goods in tinted or colored glass often suggest they’re not stable.” “Vitamin C’s oxidation rate increases when exposed to air,” says the author. For example, choose a product with an airtight pump over one in a dropper container since it will work better and last longer.

Does vitamin C cause skin reactions?

According to Travis, “L-ascorbic acid, a very popular type used in vitamin C products, has to be made at a low acidic pH, typically 3 to 3.5, making it as acidic as over-the-counter chemical peels.” This explains why a tingling or itchy sensation could be present.

The fact that some persons are more sensitive to particular components is acknowledged by Corinthian. I would reduce how frequently you apply the vitamin C product until your skin gets used to it, he advises. Contrary to popular opinion, the tingling or itching feeling has absolutely nothing to do with being dehydrated. “Most likely, it’s just sensitivity. Simply spread it out till you are at ease using it.”