Whitening skin care is something that many girls are particularly concerned about because many girls are doing whitening blindly! Usually use whitening serum, whitening cream, try food therapy and so on. Still likely, the whitening effect is not apparent, and the problem of discolouration existing on the face is not improved. Before we start whitening skin care, there is an essential preparation: to distinguish the cause of their skin “black”. Find the root cause of the problem to solve the problem to be effective. As the saying goes, the correct medicine for the right issue.
Today we will talk in detail about how to distinguish the cause of their skin dullness and how to do the real efficient whitening. The first thing that must be clear is that there is an upper limit for skin whitening. Everyone’s skin tone is different, and the degree of whiteness that can be achieved is another. Also, dull skin performance, in fact, not only black but also yellow.
Reason one: tanning
This is a typical cause of skin darkening, such as after military training, long outdoor trips, beach trips and so on; if there is no protection in place, the skin is effortless to darken.
The performance of this dark skin tone is easy to distinguish, and we will find that the skin colour without a clothing cover is darker than the skin colour with a clothing cover. For example, there is a significant colour difference between the skin tone of the face and the skin tone of the body, or there is a critical colour difference between the bare skin of the neck and the skin tone of the body, etc.
It is essential to avoid UV light and protect your skin from the sun to deal with the darker skin tone caused by UV exposure. And because of the UV radiation darkening, the skin colour change is speedy. It may take 1 or 2 days for skin discolouration to appear. Avoid more severe sunburn problems. In addition, based on good skin hydration and moisturizing, you can adequately use a whitening essence or whitening mask to accelerate the fading of dark skin. Special attention to whitening skincare should be carried out under the premise that the skin condition is stable and there is no stinging red heat.

Reason 2: Inflammatory black
Some people have a significant darkening of their facial skin tone within 3-5 days after trying efficacious skin care, such as alcohol skin and acid skin care. Or after skin acne, acne marks from red to black, residual noticeable acne marks. These are caused by the action of inflammatory factors within the skin.
If the skin is darker after a skin care treatment, you should stop using strong skin care products, soothe and calm the skin, and moisturize and repair. This kind of skin darkening performance means, to some extent, that the skin care products used have caused an intolerant reaction to the skin, and there is some damage to the skin. For skin acne, timely application of acne products is a very effective way to avoid the legacy of acne marks. If there are still red marks on your face after the acne has subsided, timely soothing and calming skin care will accelerate the inflammatory fading within the skin to avoid deepening into black spots. For the black pimple marks that have formed, you can apply topical whitening essence products to accelerate the fading of melanin in the skin.

Reason three: oxidation of black/yellow
The fact is that oxidation reactions are happening in our skin all the time. The free radicals that the body cannot resolve in time will affect the state of the body and the state of the skin, resulting in a dull skin tone. This change in skin tone is more often manifested as a pale yellow. In addition, oily skin types are more prone to skin oxidation. The surface oil of the facial skin oxidizes and turns yellow when exposed to air, and the face looks yellowish. The obvious skin manifestation of oxidation-induced dullness is the change in skin tone throughout the day. In the morning, the skin is still clear and bright after skincare, but the skin becomes yellow and dark by noon or afternoon. For dull antioxidant performance, antioxidant skin care is the key. In addition, the skin with high oil secretion needs to moderate to take oil control skin care, inhibit the surface oil precipitation to a certain degree, and relieve the oil oxidation problem.
Reason four: lack of water yellow
Many people have bright facial skin for a short time after washing the face, but when the surface water evaporates, the skin will return to its original tone. It is crucial to replenish the stratum corneum’s water content and lock in the skin’s moisture. When the skin lacks water and has dry performance, the skin tone will also have an obvious dull yellow problem. This phenomenon of dehydrated, soft yellow skin is common in dry skin types, and the skin feels noticeably rough to the touch. By improving the skin’s water circulation, the dullness of the skin tone will be improved.
Reason 5: VC yellow
The use of prototype VC-based skin care products may cause the problem of yellowing of the skin. Prototype VC is oxidized, which will cause the skin stratum corneum to be stained, and the face will become dull and yellow. When this happens, stop having this skin care product first and give the skin some time to metabolize it on its own. After opening the bottle, generally, 1-3 months are needed. It is important to note that the prototype VC ingredients are delicate and must be stored away from light when using strict sun protection.
Because of the dark skin, the skin is often dull yellow. So girls who want to whiten their skincare must confirm the cause of flat skin tone and then purchase the right skin care products! In this case, only using whitening essence is very difficult to have the effect and is likely to cause skin sensitivity performance.