What is the seven skin method?

The toning phase in your process is referred to as the “seven skin method.” In Korea, toners are frequently referred to as “skins,” therefore the name really does say it all: You apply a moisturizing toner or essence to your skin seven times while using the “seven skin” technique. The founder of Peach & Lily and famous esthetician Alicia Yoon says that number is completely random even if the name suggests there are seven layers. She tells mbg, “It’s not really a hard-and-fast rule.” You have the option of applying it 20 times, five times, or even seven times.

The key here is hydration, which is tough to achieve no matter how many layers you select because our skin is exposed to so many daily aggressors that can easily drain its moisture. Yoon explains, “You’re effectively giving yourself a mini hydrafacial.” It’s also not that difficult to include the seven skin approach into your nighttime regimen if you already use a moisturizing toner or essence (as you should, she adds), as you’re essentially just paying more attention to the toning stage.


How the Seven-Skin Method Works


The purpose of the procedure is to encourage your skin to absorb the product so you may make adjustments as necessary.

The first step is to wash your face as usual. Pat your skin dry after that because it is preferable to apply the initial layer of toner while your face is just a little bit damp rather than entirely dry.

Pour your preferred toner into your palm and then pat, tap, or press the liquid into your skin. By relaxing the skin and releasing hydrants into your complexion, this treatment aids in hydrating the epidermis. Undeniably, carry out this procedure seven more times.

The humectants in the toner, a particular component for hydrated skin, have to work harder with each layer you apply.

Hyaluronic acid, which can absorb and hold a significant amount of water inside the skin cells, is one example of a humectant. Naturally, the more water content you layer, the more of it your skin will absorb and retain, giving you a supple, light-reflecting, and luscious complexion.

by the fourth application, you were tired of the procedure. Be calm. There is no hard and fast rule that says you must apply the products seven times; you can really stop after the fifth or sixth round if you feel your skin is sufficiently moisturized. And those who have skin conditions? To maintain the calmest possible complexion, try the approach every other day.

Build up your layers from lightest to thickest if you’re using more than one toner. Aim to use no more than two to three toners as part of your daily routine when you first start out rather than seven.

Retinol, acids, or witch hazel toners should only be used as one product, applied only to the first layer of skin, and given room to flourish.

Avoid using any alcoholic products because their extremely harsh components can dry out your skin. Of course, after applying them, you should always use an SPF.


The advantages of implementing the 7 skin approach


This routine might involve a few more steps than you’re used to, but when followed correctly, it results in nourished, glowing skin. The ability to add numerous layers of hydration to assist plump and moisturize the skin is one of the key advantages, according to Ross. It may also be done on all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin, and is particularly beneficial for dry skin. Additionally, each layer of toner aids in the absorption of the subsequent—as well as your other products—layers because damp skin is more receptive to absorption. The skincare is aiding the skincare!


How to Do the Seven-Skin Method


Step One: Cleanse. Like you normally would, cleanse your face.

Step Two: Pat Dry. Face-drying pats (or air dry). The first layer of toner works best when applied to a slightly wet rather than a completely dry face. You can apply this first layer with a cotton pad or even just your hands.

Step Three: Repeat 5 More Times. The seventh layer is where you may start experimenting! Alternatively, you can seal it all in with a moisturizer. Your skin will be particularly ready to absorb your serum if you use your other serums. Some people don’t even need to do anything else after applying seven layers of a moisturizing toner or essence-toner in the summer, especially if they have oily skin.


Can you do it every day? 

Although a few beauty bloggers suggest using the seven skin method frequently, you might not require such a strong dose of moisture every day. If you apply 25 to 30 layers in one sitting, you might not need to reapply moisture the next day.

Similar to this, if you choose to use a hydrating sheet mask before night, your skin may already be sufficiently hydrated to eliminate the need for further layers. However, if the seven skin approach is what you want to use every night, you can do it too: “If you do roughly 10 layers or less, you can do that every day,” a beauty blogger says.

The seven skin method makes it quite simple to increase your skin’s level of hydration; all it actually requires is more time spent on the toning phase before sealing in the moisture. Think of hydration as a one-way ticket to supple, bouncy skin that is soft to the touch. Everyone, regardless of skin type, can use a little additional care. Yoon says she hasn’t met someone with whom she has said, “Oh my god, your skin is excessively moisturized.”