Does staying up late really affect the condition of your skin?
The answer is yes: staying up late can cause disruptions to the skin’s circadian rhythm, which can affect the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate cells, thus affecting skin health. Short-term skin will become yellow and dull, and long-term skin sagging and roughness will become apparent. But often, we can’t avoid staying up late, and it has even become the norm.
So how can you minimize the damage to your skin if you stay up late? How do you do when your skin gets worse after a late night? Do the following 3 steps, after staying up all night skin can also be moist and bright!
1. Moisturise
Staying up late can lead to dry skin, so moisturizing is very important. At this time, it is recommended to apply moisturizing essence, thus making the moisture completely locked, and then use night cream to avoid nutrient loss and achieve better skin care results. Of course, there are many ways to moisturise the skin, apart from this way, it is most important to drink more water. Water is the source of life and if the skin is dehydrated, it will easily affect the condition of the skin. Therefore, moisturising is an important basis for caring for the skin.
2. Anti-oxidation
Staying up late can lead to the skin not being able to renew itself properly, which in turn can lead to a rough and dull skin texture and dull, yellow and lacklustre skin. For this type of skin manifestation, the use of anti-oxidant skin care products is a crucial step. Using antioxidant and moisturising skincare products on the night you stay up late can help protect against free radical damage to healthy skin cells and prevent the appearance of dull, yellowish skin.
The next day’s daytime skincare with antioxidant-rich skincare can help to correct the appearance of dull skin and keep it looking brighter during the day after a late night.
3. Repair
The skin undergoes cellular renewal at night, and staying up late can affect the way the skin works. In the long run, your skin will not only become dry and yellow, it will also become more prone to wrinkles and frequent minor skin conditions.
Some of the skin damage can be improved by using repairing products when skincare the night you stay up. However, it is also more important to avoid staying up as late as possible than this.
4. Eye cream with cold and hot compresses
During late nights and overtime work, the eyes get particularly tired when they are the most fatigued, so it is necessary for everyone to take care of the skin of the eyes. This is why you should choose some eye creams to eliminate dark circles and, if necessary, a proper massage to promote the absorption of sufficient nutrients and moisture into the eyes. In addition, in the case of poor eye circulation, you need to choose alternating cold and hot towels to eliminate eye fatigue.
5. Don’t wash your face too late
The human skin needs a period of rest. During this period, wash your body and face as much as possible. In particular, it is necessary to cleanse the skin regularly between 10pm and 11pm for people wearing make-up. After using a suitable cleanser, apply a moisturiser immediately to allow the skin to better rest and care for itself. Finally, a reminder that this approach must be adhered to over time to be effective.
Staying up late for a long time will not only affect your skin health, but also your body health, so it is best to stay up late for a long time and always put your health first. After all, only a healthy body can slow down skin aging. Of course the process can be done with some face masks which contain wild bee toxins, snowdrops, licorice and seaweed, which help repair damaged cells from staying up late and repair the effects of staying up late on the skin. But in addition to these external treatments, it is also important to pay attention to internal conditioning, which is also an essential part of the process